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Feb 13, 2013 07:48 AM

Party trays/platters for SUSHI and THAI FOOD in the West L.A./Simi Valley/Northridge/Chatsworth area?!

Hi all,

I"m having an event in a few months and trying to find party trays or platters of decent sushi (I'm half-Japanese with Japanese family, so it has to be passable) and Japanese bar food (kara-age, tempura, etc.) AND party trays or platters of thai food (pad see ew, pad thai, curries, etc.).

Ideally, they'll deliver, be affordable, and taste good.

Any recommendations?

Thank you!

Happy eating! =)

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  1. As far as sushi is concerned check with FishLips and see what they can do for you: (although I'm now wondering what they would say about doing what you need in the SFV?)

    1. Give Sushi Zo a call they are in West LA, or west la adjacent, and probably would be much obliged.

      1. Farm Boy in Sherman Oaks
        Sushi Don Sasabune in Valley Village

        neither will deliver.

        1. IN WEST LA:
          For Thai, you could try Siam Chan (just south of Santa Monica Blvd. on Colby Ave.). It's a bit Americanized, and I've never used them for a party (just me and my partner), but it's respectable Thai food at a good price, and they definitely deliver (at least w/i West LA/Brentwood). The only catch is that the delivery time is usually ~45 min.

          For sushi, would Nijiya supermarket work (Sawtelle and Olympic)? You could certainly order a party platter there, but I've never had the sushi and can't vouch for its quality. If possible, you might want to try a small package of sushi from their fridge area to see how it tastes....

          Hara sushi (Brentwood) is Korean-owned, I think. However, the sushi quality is definitely decent (although not necessarily better than decent) and they can handle a large volume. Doubt they deliver, though.

          IN THE SFV:
          There's Asahi Sushi at the corner of Devonshire and Woodley. Also Korean-owned, I think, but, again, the sushi is totally decent, and they should be able to easily handle a relatively large volume. Don't know if they deliver.

          Not familiar w/ Thai restaurants in the SFV, but Lum Ka Naad in Northridge was mentioned in another thread recently and a couple of posters said they enjoyed the food there.

          1. to which of the locations you mentioned would you want the food delivered?

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              The reason all the above locations are listed is because, in a bind, we can pick up the trays. However, the location of the event is in Chatsworth so delivery there would be most ideal!