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Feb 13, 2013 07:27 AM

Farmhouse "F*ck Mondays"

I'm going to Farmhouse for the first time with a pretty big group on Sunday night for their specials. Any recommendations, or menu misses?

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  1. Did you end up going? If yes, what was it like ... vibe and food?

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    1. re: ComerDemonio

      haven't been yet. my friends like it but junction is far for my east-end self.

      1. re: LemonLauren

        I ended up going for brunch on Sunday. I thought the food was fantastic. SO loved it but still compared it to the Hoof Cafe of old and can't give it top marks. Unfortunately it will have to be something out of this world to surpass Hoff Cafe v1.0.

        I had the ploughman's breakfast ... duck eggs, thick bacon, pork shoulder, pickled veggies, and a couple of cheeses (Sheep Camembert and a blue) with a couple of slices of pan fried bread. Very well done and very well plated.

        SO had the brunch salad ... pickled white fish on a bed of greens and pickled veggies. Also very tasty and well plated.

        We walked in around 12:30 and got seated at the bar. Without doubt the most uncomfortable bars seats in the world. The actual seat is an old farm tractor seat and it offered some lower back support. The problem is that there is not bar rail or foot support. They have nailed a couple of old wooden window frames to the bar so you can try to hook your toes but the frames are stuck to the bar and they are only an inch or so deep. I'm over six feet and SO is just over five feet and neither one of us could get our feet comfortable. It wouldn't take much to fix this issue.

        That being said the food and the atmosphere was great and we will be back.