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Feb 13, 2013 07:01 AM

Why so many paid editorials?

Articles like this that are just laundry-lists of popular restaurants that reveal little in the way of actual research of in-person experience, smack of paid-advertising, and clutter the site's real content of value, which is mostly user-generated. A big waste of time.

I find it very useful to have editorialized content that simply culls (and quotes the sources of) from user-posts on this site, but the article I linked to is depressingly devoid of any real information.

Please cut the bullshit, your users are too smart for this.

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  1. That item was drawn from the "Chow Blog" - which can be found here: which is a mash up of both Chowhound posts (such as the one about Apey Kade, a Sri Lankan restaurant posted about on the LA board) and more light articles like the one you site.

    I don't see anything wrong with the Chow Blog idea. You can quibble about an individual item, such as the one you have a problem with, (and even that used recommendations picked off of the NY board, posts put up by hounds just like you and me) but overall it's a good idea to give readers who come to this site a broader look at what is going on around the entire site.

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    1. re: Servorg

      You're right, I spoke too soon. This one clearly linked to sources. I mistook this for another article I found that was missing them entirely. I'll provide a link to that if I find it.

      In the meantime, keep up the (sourced) editorials!

    2. All of the Chowhound Lists published on the blog are editorialized content that culls (and quotes the sources) from posts on the site.

      We're using links to lead you back to the original Chowhound source, which means that we don't list every username in the story itself....but as you can see in the xiao long bao story (and all of the other Chowhound lists), each item on the list is there because people have talked about it and recommended it on Chowhound. Follow the link to see exactly where, and exactly who mentioned it.

      To see all Chowhound Lists, you can look here: