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Feb 13, 2013 06:45 AM

Excellent link for Spring training (and year round Phoenix area) eats

Keith Law (a writer for ESPN) writes a food blog, and just posted an excellent, in depth, and thorough list of places to eat near various ballparks. It should answer a lot of questions for visitors and locals alike. Here's the link:

And, no, I'm not related to Keith in any way (although I am married to someone that works for a major league baseball team. He moves to the area for the entirety of spring training each year, so we've been to many of the places on the list).

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  1. Wow. Overall that is a really, really great list. Obviously there are a few that I disagree with but he has a ton of great options on there for anyone visiting Phoenix at any time.

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    1. Thanks for posting this great list. I've copied it for houseguests and visitors. Some of the choices had fallen off my radar and I appreciate the nudge.

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      1. re: Sherri

        Ditto - Friends come in just for that great event and I'm not always familiar w/ different areas. It's very much appreciated!

      2. Add my voice to the chorus of the impressed.

        I fully expect these kinds of lists to be chock full of the usual suspects--pedestrian sports bars and Old Town Scottsdale tourist traps.

        Like PHXeater, I don't agree with a number of the choices, but I'm definitely heartened by the inclusion of so many worthy places.

        1. Glad I could be of some help. Any missing spots on the list? What would you add or take away? We're looking for unique, unfussy, delicious places.

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          1. re: learningslo

            What area are you staying in?

            I agree with more than I disagree so here are a few that I do NOT agree with:
            Barrio Queen
            Wildflower Bread
            True Food (unless you really want to be healthy)
            Culinary Dropout

            1. re: PHXeater

              We're in Tempe, but we drive to other parks to watch games. Our trip to Surprise was made more enjoyable by a humerous trip to Furr's. I didn't think places like that existed any more!
              I agree with culinary dropout. I wanted to like it so much more than I did.
              The pasty restaurant was good, although I don't have many Cornish restaurants under my belt to compare it to.
              We're eating at Citizens public house this weekend, and my husband assures me it will be great.

          2. Great list...
            I would add:
            Haji-Baba in Tempe
            Los dos Molinos Mesa
            House of Tricks Tempe
            Casey Moore's Tempe