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Feb 13, 2013 06:37 AM

Places for a surprise 40th birthday?

Hi, we're throwing our friend a surprise party for her 40th, and are having problems with the venue. We're looking for decent food, with a good atmosphere, not too young, not too clubby, with the serious possibility of dancing. Downtown Toronto is ideal, we had been looking at The Ballroom, but it's booked. Any suggestions/ideas would be greatly appreciated!!

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  1. How many people and how much $/head are you looking for? That will help us help you.

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    1. re: LemonLauren

      Probably about 20- 30 people, and $20ish/head? Is that too cheap? I've never done this before!! Thanks again.

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        Do you want a seated dinner or passed food? In my experience it's hard to find a spot with a seated group dinner under $30/head.

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          We want to keep it casual, and there are people coming who like to play games, so the Rivoli is definitely a good option. We're going to call tomorrow, but keep any other suggestions coming!

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            Bar Wellington has a second floor that is available for private parties. Not sure how many it holds.


    2. The upstairs pool hall at the Rivoli is relatively inexpensive with OK food. $20 each minus booze shouldn't be a problem. And there's a dance floor and I think they'll let you bring your own music.

        1. We really like the upstairs at Lolitas Lust, on the Danforth near Logan. We've had many parties at this location. They will cater for you, you can bring in your own music for dancing, and they will staff the bar.

          1. You guys are awesome, thanks! We loved the Rivoli idea, and they're booked for that night too! Who knew it was this hard?? We were hoping to stay close to Spadina/Dundas so we could do late night karaoke too, but looks like options are limited. Any other suggestions?

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              3030 in the Junction, but it's out of your desired area.

              Definitely try Spin