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Feb 13, 2013 06:08 AM


About to go back to Perth. I heard my favorite coffee place closed - Zekka. Anything new and exciting?

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  1. Elixir in Nedlands is really good.

    If you're looking in the city Lowdown is another I would recommend

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    1. Where Zekka used to be is now Uncle Joe's Mess Hall. I used to love Zekka, but the coffee and Uncle Joe's is even better.

      Love Thy Neighbour off William St in Northbridge is great too.

      Also try Cuppa Joe on Scarborough Beach Rd in Mt Hawthorn.

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        Looking for more Perth suggestions for my 23 year old son who is in Perth for 6 mos playing baseball. He tells me all the food is fried including pineapple. Looking for good reasonably priced sandwiches, Thai food, sushi, burritos, a hefty salad, a great burger.

        1. re: Jshannon1854

          It looks like he's been to the fast food(red rooster and chicken treat) for the pineapple.

          What part of Perth is he in? There is a lot of Japanese food all over Perth.

          For Burritos there is a chain called zambreros which is pretty good. It won't be anywhere as good as the USA though. Mexican food is still quite limited in Perth. I also like the flying taco in North Perth.

          Yods Thai Cafe in North Perth does good Thai as does s&t Cafe in Northbridge.

          Jus burgers do good burgers as does buttys food van.

          There are some good cafes throughout Perth for salads and sandwiches.

          I run a blog on cheap lunch spots in Perth. It's called the Pavarotti.

          If you could point out what area he is staying in ill try and help with some recommendations close to him.

          1. re: tilijaus

            thanks for getting back to me so quickly. He plays for the Melville Braves and lives with a host famly in Success. He also goes to the clubs in ???