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Mar 18, 2006 07:02 PM

Korean BBQ

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Any good, cheap K BBQ places around san diego? I just moved here from LA and im dying for some good stuff. Good galbee, bulgogi. Not too smokey. Good prices, bang for the buck. Thanks.

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  1. the 2 best in San Diego are Buga Korean BBQ and Boo Cho Korean BBQ. Buga has better kalbi and is always packed. Boo Cho is just a hair behind Buga in quality. They use charcoal grills, which gives the meat a different flavor.

    Both places have good ventilation and you can't "see" the smoke inside, like some other BBQ places.

    Buga is on Clairemont Mesa Blvd, just west of the 805 freeway in the Motel 6 parking lot.

    Boo Cho is on Engineer Road, off Convoy Ave, next to the Honda dealerships.

    I don't think either fall into "as cheap as some places in LA" but they aren't outrageous and both are worth the price.

    do NOT go to Korea House--overpriced, mediocre at best.

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      I'd say daantaat hit it right on the head. There isn't anything that's equal to the value of LA. Things are a bit more expensive (No $15 all you can eat like Manna in SD) including the drinks like soju, and the generally is not as good (bad soondoobu, Korean style Chinese and sullungtang in SD), but the meat and bahnchan at Buga and Boocho hold its own against most LA spots.

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        "do NOT go to Korea House--overpriced, mediocre at best."


      2. Buga is my favorite place at the moment, but it is expensive. Some less expensive alternatives: Arirang on Convoy has a buffet. I went there a few years ago and wasn't impressed, but it has new management, and a friend has mentioned that she liked it. Worth a try. Do Re Me is the least expensive non-buffet and seemed fine when I went there a while back, but I haven't been recently. Seoul BBQ used to be my favorite for their lunch specials (I'm particularly fond of Hwoe dup bop) but I don't like their bulgogi as well as other places. If you find a good inexpensive Korean place, please post about it. There are a number of us Korean food lovers that read this board.


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          After I posted this, I went to Kirk's foodblog and discovered the he just had a review of a new inexpensive Korean place. You should check it out; plus, the blog is a great source for Asian dining in San Diego in general.