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Feb 13, 2013 05:54 AM

Penang, Malaysia - Hawker food options at Red Garden, Leith Street

What we had for dinner this evening at the Red Garden:

- "Oh chien": Penang-fried oyster omelette. This is a common Hokkien (Fujianese) dish and the version in Penang is extremely tasty - closer to the one we have in Singapore than Taiwan's blander version. Small oysters are used in this dish, together with tapioca starch, eggs and copious amounts of lard. I like :-)

- Thai-style stewed pork-leg with rice, hard-boiled egg, "kai lan" greens and salted mustard ("Khao ka moo"). Very authentic-tasting and delicious version here, reminding me very much of the ones I had in Bangkok.

- Stir-fried "chee cheong fun" (rice rolls) with spicy XO sauce, eggs, sprouts and chives. The first time I'd ever seen this dish, let alone taste one. It was a bit too spicy for me.

- "Penang lor bak": Selection of deep-fried "lor bak" (Chinese 5-spiced pork-yam rolls wrapped in beancurd sheets), shrimp fritters and deep-fried tofu. Decent version here, nowhere near the best though.

Red Garden seemed popular with foreigners/tourists (there were a *LOT* of tourists from Mainland China when we were there this evening, then I remembered that it's the "Golden Week" holidays in China this week due to the Chinese New Year), and we hardly saw anyone that looked like a local Penangite.

The barbecued seafood joints were doing roaring business, but I guess the popularity of this place stems from its large selection of Penang hawker/street foods, plus Indian,Thai, Filipino options thrown in.

Address details
Red Garden
20 Leith Street
10000 Georgetown
Tel:+6016-769 9585

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  1. thats some crazy looking chee cheong fan. I've had a lo bat go served like that in HK, but this clearly looks more spicy (i like spicy food alot so that looks awesome to me)

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    1. re: Lau

      Yes, the Chinese-Malaysians did the same thing with "lo bat go" ("luo bo gao"), which later caught on in HK and Singapore many years back.

      1. re: klyeoh

        its actually in the US now, ive had it in LA and NY as well

        i love XO sauce and I love lo bat go and i love the combination of them haha

    2. Red Garden's prices are too high, as they cater to tourists. Lots of beer consumed there.