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Feb 13, 2013 02:18 AM

best area for foodie in Beijing?

I'm travelling to Beijing for the first time. I want to stay somewhere accessible to tourist sites, but it's also nice to be able to eat in the area near the hotel. Are there particular areas in Beijing that have a high density of chow-worthy restaurants?

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  1. As far as I learned during my first visit to Beijing, the really good restaurants are scattered over the city.

    I stayed at the Double Happines Hotel that is in an old Hutong, walked 25 minutes to forbidden city from there and also close to a metro station, maybe 5 minutes walk. And the metro is good in Beijing to get around, easy to navigate and cheap. So I would look more for a place to stay close to the tourist sites.

    1. The Grand Hyatt is probably a good place to stay as its kind of a midway point between all the sites. There's a subway downstairs beneath the mall structure. Its a trek to go anywhere in Beijing... Duck De Chine (Peking duck), Da Dong (Traditional Peking duck served but with nouveau Chinese dishes), Maison Boulud, Tiandi Yijia, Li Jia Cai are probably a good ten minute drive away from the hotel (30 min with the god awful traffic there of course). Green T House, Ding ding xiang Hot Pot, are all 20-30 minutes away. Within the mall thats underneath the Grand Hyatt there are several food options as well.

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        Made in China is also a great restaurant for duck and other Beijing foods located at the Grand Hyatt! Most people want a more raw experience than the refinement at a hotel, but the duck definitely ranks up there amongst the best in Beijing!