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Feb 12, 2013 11:25 PM

San Pedro Mart -- Some of the best Middle Eastern in Abq

Forget about Istanbul and all those places on Central. San Pedro Mart looks (and sounds) like a gas station, but is a Middle Eastern eatery and grocery and makes great felafel. Now if only we could get a decent Ethiopian place and a really good Indian restaurant somewhere in the state...

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  1. Great call, ninrn, I keep meaning to write a little note on CH about this place. I make it here every couple of months. Nothing absolutely bowls me over, but it's nothing if not consistent, and I agree it's a really solid addition to the city, perhaps especially the grocery.

    And TOTALLY with you on our Ethiopian vacuum, it bums me out to have to go out of state for my injera fix.

    1. Yes, yes, yes, a million times yes. The food is wonderful, the owner-brothers are gracious and excited to be there, and even the "ambiance" is nifty (a little tented dining area in the midst of a grocery store).

      They've mentioned that due to all of the great word of mouth and published reviews they are expanding! Woot.

      And yeah, I talk them up big time in my book.

      1. San Pedro Mart has great middle eastern food, Namaste Cuisine of India and Nepal in Rio Rancho would be Indian Restaurant category.

        1. Raaga in Santa Fe is very good for north Indian food. It's right behind World Market at Sanbusco. It's the only place I will go for Indian food in New Mexico.

          1. More love for San Pedro Mart -- My sister had a big birthday yesterday, and we decided to get food for the party from San Pedro Mart. They did a fantastic job, and over 60 people were fed a full dinner of chicken and beef shawarma, mujjadara, tabouleh, fatoush, hummus, pita, and dolmas for under $10/person, with extensive leftovers.

            The chef was very helpful with ordering. He actually strongly recommended ordering less than we did, but we were nervous about running out of things. I was a little worried that his only record of our order was some notes scribbled in Arabic with no apparent numerals on a tiny piece of paper, but he got everything right.

            All the food was fresh and delicious as always, but the fatoush, shawarma and mujjadara (not on the regular menu, but available with several days notice for catering) were outstanding. They don't do delivery and set-up, but everything was beautifully packed and ready to go at exactly the time they said it would be.

            If you need to cater an event and picking up the food isn't an issue, San Pedro Mart is a really great choice. Also good to remember if you just need a tray or two of sides for a dinner party.

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