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Feb 12, 2013 07:15 PM

looking for good Chinese around the Embassy/ Intrepid area

Going into the city for Chinese Visas soon, any really good Chinese food in the area? We will be coming in by bus, so anywhere in that area will be convienient.

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  1. That area (12th and 42nd) is a bit of a wasteland for any good restaurants. You'll need to walk towards 9th and 8th Ave. The closest good Chinese restaurant is probably Hakkasan. It's also more convenient to Port Authority if that's what you mean by coming in via bus.

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      thanks, I'll look into it....we are coming into the bus terminal.

    2. Grand Sichuan has a branch on 46th and 9th Ave. I haven't been to that particular venue but overall the food at their other locations is well above average.