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Feb 12, 2013 07:08 PM

Last minute trip to Paris - leaving Friday night!

My boyfriend and I will be traveling from NYC to Paris this Friday! (ah) We are staying in the saint-germain area and will only be in Paris for 2 nights. Any ideas where we would be able to go onsaturday and sunday night with no reservations or last minute reservations would be great!ci started to do some research and know that a lot of restaurants are closed Sundays so suggestions for that night would be really helpful as well.

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  1. It would help if you were more specific about what types of restaurants you are looking for, if want to stay close to your hotel, and your budget constraints.

    But to start to answer you, Fish La Boissonnerie, is a good, fairly reasonably priced option in St. Germain. (And their warm bread from Cosi across the street is wonderful.). It is often my "go to" for when i arrive on a Sunday. Casual, lively, good modern simple bistro fare. If you want to go, try to make a reservation, as you should do for just about any place you want to go to, or you might find yourself turned away.

    Good luck.

    1. Also, near Fish is their newer restaurant Semilla. Had a great Sunday dinner there a few weeks ago. Fines Gueules is another choice for Sunday, although it has been hit or miss. For lunch upon arrival, I like Comptoir du Relais - just queue before noon opening (no res). I'd definitely book the two nights before you leave NYC.

      1. Maceo is a lovely, moderately priced restaurant that is open on Saturday night. It's in the 1er behind the Palais Royale. But I would email for a reservation right now, if I were you.

        1. We were able to make reservations at le petite marche on sat night and violon d'ingres for sunday... Are these good choices?

          1. My husband and I, along with 2 Parisian friends, had a great dinner there about three years ago, so my experience isn't that recent. Subsequently, a few friends had a less-than-stellar experience. But, for Sunday, you could definitely do worse.

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              I read online that fish has been closed for renovations unsure if it has opened again. If that is the case for violon then I will definitely try to find some place else am thinking of...

              Chez denise
              Passage 53 (if we can get a res)
              Cafe des musees
              Les cocottes

              I asked the conciege to check of chez l'ami jean has a reservation as well...

              1. re: jamala

                Passage 53 is one of my all time favorites.