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Feb 12, 2013 06:49 PM

Question about Sabu (and Shabu Shabu soup) in Edmonton

I'm trying to book a birthday party for someone who loves Shabu Shabu. He really enjoyed "making" his own soup by adding the ingredients to the hotpot on the table, but ever since Tokyo Palace closed down years ago, I haven't found a place that does it in Edmonton.

I've heard that Zen does Shabu Shabu on a seasonal basis but the one time I tried to go there they weren't preparing it. A review of a restaurant called "Sabu" over on 82nd ave and 74th street says they do shabu shabu but it doesn't show up on their menu posted online.

Anyone been to Sabu, or better yet, had the shabu shabu there? (Or anywhere else in Edmonton - I'd welcome recommendations) I want to double-check that any place I go to actually does the whole spread and lets you cook the ingredients on a soup pot at the table. The person I'm having the party for doesn't really care about Japanese food otherwise, so if I showed up and they didn't have the soup, it'd be a wash.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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  1. I ate at Sabu last week. Alas, we didn't do the shabu shabu although we did see it offered. The food looks like a combination of japanese and korean foods. We liked what we ordered, beef tataki, and various rolls and nigiri.

    I would give them a call and confirm that they have it and also the cost. Alternatively, you can do your own shabu shabu with ease since most of the ingredients can be gotten from T and T, along with the propane stove and the hotpot pot.

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      Thanks camelicious. I was thinking about trying to make it at home, but I'm a little shy about bringing it out for a birthday without having made it at least once. If it's fairly foolproof I might pop over to T&T like you suggested.

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        If you do it yourself, might be worth popping over to Home Cooking and ask for some tips.

        Partially freeze your meats and use a mandolin to cut them extra thin. That is what I did with my sirloin when I made Pho, it was thin enough to cook the meat with just the hot broth poured over top

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          I posted a reply to a similar question about steamboat/hotpot/shabu shabu in general topics not too long ago.

          You can buy presliced meats at T and T. No need to worry about slicing your fingers on a mandolin.

          We had hotpot for chinese new year eve dinner last week. My sister has a fancy electric hot pot /grill cooker but I have used a simple old fashioned rice cooker to make hot pot (National, one button special bought from a pawnshop 10 years ago).

          I also did it with a friend who had an electric fondue pot from the 90's (Rival Brand).

          Check out this blog for a good how to.

      2. What about that fondue place in the south end? I forget the name. They had various types of broth when I was there. I wonder if they do a shabu shabu style.

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          You're thinking of The Melting Pot? You can cook meat in broth there, but for the relatively high price, you'd be better off doing shabu shabu at home or at a place that actually does shabu shabu-type soup making.