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Feb 12, 2013 05:36 PM

Sediment at a restaurant

We were at a wine bar that featured many wines by the glass. We were served two glasses that had a great deal of sediment. I had never been served wine with sediment before. How much, if any, sediment is acceptable in a glass of wine? I have no idea.

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  1. The glasses should have been returned and new glasses poured.

    1. If a "great deal", just return the glass.

      I can accept a small amount of sediment, but that is just me.

      1. I would not have accepted those glasses. There should not be any sediment in your glass when you've purchased by the glass.

        1. It wasn't white wine was it?
          Without knowing you, people at times think tartrate crystals in whites are sediment. They're not and they aren't a big deal.

          In reds sediment is not a good thing. I would decant at home, but would accept a small amount in a restaurant. Not a "great deal". It's hard to quantify but in a typical by the glass winethere shouldn't be more than a trace.

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            Good point about white wines with tartrate crystals.

            As for sediment in red wines, it is just fine in the wine, and should be decanted, to separate it from that wine being poured. In a glass of wine, served in a restaurant, it is NOT a good thing, and the glass should be quickly replaced.


            1. re: john gonzales

              Sediments in red wine are often tartrates stained black with the wine.

              Sediment is wine is no big deal, red or white. Its a sign of a good wine that hasn't had the life strained out of it in the winery.

              But sediment in a glass you've bought in a wine bar or restaurant is a big deal and it shouldn't be there, because the wine should have been served properly and decanted if necessary. Sounds like the bar person had either shaken the bottle or just upended it.

            2. Slight amounts of trace sediment that one sees as finishing a glass I'm OK with.

              But if it came to the point where the glass came to your table and you were like what is all that stuff?? That almost by definition is too much sediment.