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Feb 12, 2013 05:16 PM

Dinner on a holiday Monday

Will be in DC for a quick work trip next week. Time for one dinner. Problem is, it's Presidents' Day.

So... what's open and interesting?

I liked Todd Gray's Watershed on a previous trip, and I figure since it's in a hotel it must be open. But I'd prefer to try something new.

Ideas, please!

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  1. I would think that anyplace that is normally open on a Monday will be open on President's Day. A quick look at OpenTable shows that almost everyone there is open and has reservations available for that evening.

    Where will you be staying (what neighborhood), how much do you want to spend, and how daring are you when it comes to food>

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      Staying near Columbus Circle. Spend... $60-70 per person tops. How daring? Want the most interesting, creative meal possible under the circumstances. Just had a look at the menu at Lincoln. Sounds good. Anything else in that ballpark?

    2. I don't think most places will be closed for President's Day. I did a quick Opentable search and it seems as if reservations are available at Blacksalt, Brasserie Beck, DGS Deli, Equinox (Todd Gray's higher end restaurant), Estadio, , Lincoln, Rasika West End, Ris, and The Source....along others.

      Really depending on your location and cost restraints any of the above would be great.