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Feb 12, 2013 05:06 PM

Kosher appetizer catering for a mixed event?

My company is holding a ‘wine plus heavier appetizers’ event for a mixed group at a non-kosher event space in Manhattan.

Some of the guests keep kosher; we will provide kosher wines and we want to provide kosher appetizers for those guests.

What protocols have to be followed to do this? Are there kosher Manhattan restaurants or catering companies who would provide these appetizers? If so, can anyone provide contact information?

I’ve previously worked on large-scale, all kosher events…so this is a bit of a puzzle for me. Many thanks for your help.

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  1. It will depend on the people. Some will be OK with the apps being plated in the kitchen, others will want to unwrap everything themselves, some will be OK with a kosher table on the side. Similarly with wine, some people will want to see the open bottles at all times, others will be OK with the waiters serving. Just make sure the wine is mevushal.

    1. try contacting the prime group - they own prime butcher baker, which is a takeout, butcher, and bakey and they might be able to provide appetizers. they also have several restaurants - if nothing else, they could definitely give you some guidance vis-a-vis kosher guidelines

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        Thank you both for your help. Your answers are greatly appreciated. It should be an interesting event.

      2. Last night, I went to that kind of event. Kosher Marketplace provided multiple trays of apps that were a big hit. They stayed on the KM trays, which had some sort of notification but were not wrapped. There was bruschetta, chicken salad on endive, and salmon on pumpernickel toast.

        The kosher wines should be mevushal.

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          Great suggestion - really like Kosher Marketplace, have used them for several Pesachs...Thank you! As to the wines needing to be mevushal, I've told the organizers this several times; hope they follow directions!

          Thanks again to all for your help.

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            Perhaps giving the wine organizers a list of acceptable wines might be helpful.