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Feb 12, 2013 04:44 PM

Grand & Essex Market...Bergenfield, NJ

Drove past ...entered and it's officially open. The market is beautiful. Very nice prepared foods and bakery.....

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  1. Completely agree. Glatt Express should be very very scared.

    1. They are crazy expensive. They were selling mini hamentashen for $29.99 a pound. Yes. Its not a typo. I never thought I'd see the day where hamantashen were more expensive than hand made shmurah matzo.

      With their transformation from affordable kosher shop to overpriced gourmet market, I'm not sure who their target market is, they are next door to a discount fruit store and across the street from Pathmark, with a bustling kosher section and affordably priced kosher butcher section and kosher bakery.

      I hope they will revert back to their roots and become an affordable option to those that keep kosher in the area.

      They aren't going to get non religious people with these prices, they will continue to shop at Harold's at a fraction of the price, or at Fairway at comparable prices, if they want to keep kosher.

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      1. re: itreu001

        Thy did an amazing job and we are all really grateful for bringing such store to our community,

        I'm proud to say that we shop there from the 1st week thy opened and can only say the best thing about that store.

        about the mini hamentashen; i actually bought hamentashen and paid 8.99/lb i wonder from were you picked up the price 29.99, that store is really well priced, thy are way cheaper then glatt expres,

        and remember thy are a GLATT KOSHER store not like Harold's so of course it will b more expansive then Harold's.