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clay cookware

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does anyone know where to find UNGLAZED clay pots/pans? I've found a ton that have been glazed *sigh* I fear I will have to give up my search for the elusive cookware that I want D':

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  1. Unglazed on both sides or just the exterior?

    The Chinese clayware often are unglazed on the exterior, but glazed inside:


    Clay bakeware are often completely unglazed:


    Pomaireware is unglazed:


    Any particular reason why you are looking for a completely unglazed cookware (as they often leak)?

    1. tagines.com has some unglazed clay pots.

        1. Why do you want UNGLAZED?

          Romertopf makes a big deal about being porous - you soak the pot before cooking, so this moisture contributes to the cooking process.

          Or are you worried about some toxins in the glaze?