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Feb 12, 2013 03:43 PM

Good review for El Mexicano on Route 1 Edison/HP

There's a relatively new Mexican Restaurant on Route 1 North, just after you pass Open Road Honda, Around the 514 exits.
What a pleasant surprise! The food was wonderful. All the food is made to order, and it was fresh and plentiful. The service was quick and friendly. Everything was just so tasty.
The owner can tell you which options are vegetarian. Delicious rice and beans.

The place itself is well-lit and clean. The decor, of course, is Mexican

Our Mexican food experience had been limited to Baha Fresh and some other chains. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but this was great. We've been there a few times already, and we'll keep going back.

For you long-time residents, it's where Boccieri's Nursery used to be.

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  1. A couple of deli/bagel places have failed there recently. I have a theory. This place is right around the bend, and by the time you see it, it's almost too late to get over. I drove by every morning on the way to work. The only time I ever stopped for breakfast is when I planned ahead.

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      I agree, the location is terrible. That's why I thought I'd give them a plug here.

    2. a few co-workers and I went today.. and I agree with your comments 100%. We were unsure of what to order, so we ended up buying a boat load of tacos so we could taste many different meats.

      The al-pastor was a big favorite, as well as the pork, and I liked the chicken as well. These are your "traditional" tacos. double corn tortilla, oinions, and cilantro.. some limes on the side. They are very well stuffed for $2 a piece.

      I also had two apple flavored sodas which were very good and affordable.

      I think these are probably the best "authentic" style tacos I've had in a very long time. We will def be back, and hope this guy does well.

      1. I stopped by last night around seven and I was the only customer. My plate of food was the best Mexican I've had in Edison.

        As for the location, I was looking for it and still almost past it. There's no way any deli or restaurant could survive there.

        It's a shame. A great authentic Mexican place would seal the deal for Edison being the street food capitol of New Jersey.

        1. After reading the reviews, I am going to stop here this weekend (or Monday perhaps). Good food trumps the bad location. I am familiar with this section of Rt. 1 so won't be a problem. Look at the bright side - the location of the former Fuddruckers is much worse!

          1. I was in the area today so decided to stop in for lunch. I have experience getting there from the previous place, so I was able to navigate a successful visual approach straight in despite reduced visibility and slick surfaces in inclement weather and heavy traffic.

            I really don't like beans or fish, so my idea of good Mexican is a ground up cheeseburger in a taco shell. Played it straight up and ordered four beef tacos. The dish was nicely garnished with cucumbers, radishes and slices of lime which I squeezed onto the tacos. They were great and I'll definitely be back.