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Feb 12, 2013 02:04 PM

Somewhere fun for dinner within 90 min of Toronto

Looking for somewhere fun to have dinner Saturday night outside of Toronto. Initially thinking Cheesecake factory or a DDD place in Buffalo but my passport is expired. I'm thinking Camp 31. Any other suggestions?


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  1. Maybe try the new Anchor bar place that open in Hamilton? Bringing Buffalo to Canada!

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    1. re: JennaBean

      I've not heard good things about it.

      Way, way, way expensive is what people are saying.


    2. From my visit and ribfest tastings of Camp 31 it's not worth the drive. Paul and Sandy's in Etobicoke is easily as good. If not better.

      Chicago Style Pizza in Hamilton or Baffo's in Bolton are both on my pizza radar.

      You may want to check the You Gotta Eat Here places if you're interested in 3D places but can't cross the boarder.


      1. Take a look at Memphis Fire BBQ in Winona. They have a huge menu, so it might be more fun to explore than Camp 31.

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        1. re: TorontoJo

          Oh. One other thing about Camp 31. I went once and they were closed. They were seasonal. Not sure if they still are.


        2. Re: Camp 31, if you're looking for BBQ and willing to travel as far as Paris, you might consider Hogtails BBQ (or the larger sister location - The Lancaster Smokehouse) in KW. Much better BBQ IMO, and while I prefer Hogtails for food (similar but it seems less rushed) the Lanc has live music on Sat nights so it might be more "fun". Be prepared for a 1 hour + wait though...

          1. Camp 31 isn't really that good. You'd be setting yourself up for disappointment. Unfortunately I don't have another suggestion, but make certain you temper your expectations with Camp 31.