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Best store for birthday cake?

I am in need of a birthday cake and while a real bakery might is an option, it'd be easier for me to pick it up at a local grocery store if there are any that are worthy of good birthday cake. I am pondering Whole Foods, Harris Teeter and Wegman's. Any experiences with any of these cakes? Recommendations?

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  1. The few bakery cakes that I have purchased, Wegmans was always the best

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      Great, I am undecided between the ultimate chocolate, ultimate white and carrot cake though since they have mini-cakes could always get a couple.

    2. Wherever you buy it, leave it out to let it come to room temp. District law requires refrigeration, which is just nasty for cake.

      1. I like Harris Teeter (consistent). Whole Foods bakery is hit or miss - some is good, but other is pretty bad.

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          Any particular favorites? I think we've had the fudge cake from there which was good.

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            If you like chocolate, the mocha is quite good as is the red velvet.

        2. I would hit your local Costco I love their baked goods

          1. Wegman's ultimate chocolate hands down.

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                  We have tried the chocolate one (maybe it was chocolate mousse) and the strawberry short cake one. Both were good. I think a gourmet bakery would be better, but the cakes taste good and don't have that overly sweet or waxy chocolate taste of the other grocery store cakes. That's where we usually go for family birthday cakes. I have tried other flavors like German chocolate from Austin (yes I am from Whole Paycheck's headquarters location, so I am biased!) but haven't tried that here so not sure if there would be a difference, but that was a good one, too.

              1. Wegmans is always done right by me. Their selection is great, from the homestyle chocolate cakes, even their flat cakes that are the birthday type of store bought cakes you see in all grocery stores, taste fresher lighter and not so artificial. In the summer they have a white rasberry mousse cake that is very good. Teeters is okay but a little to heavy on the artificial frosting ingredients, Whole Foods is good with the whipped cram frosting and fruit. But I still lean towards Wegmans for your cake needs. Costco would be okay for larger groups, but still to artificial tasting to me.