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Feb 12, 2013 01:24 PM

Burch Worries

This Burch concept has me worried. In breaking down the recent press around the place, I've come to learn that this restaurant will focus on:

-Steaks (Prime or Choice, Corn-Fed or Grass Fed)
-Dumplings (That goes w/steaks how?)
-Raw Bar (Including crudo, tartare, the works) and Oyster Bar
-Downstairs Pizza Oven with coal-fired pizzas
-Fresh Pastas
-Vegetables for those inclined.

That list reads like a Jackson Pollack interpretation of a restaurant plan. Am I wrong to wonder how they are going to pull all that off at the standards they've set at their other restaurants? I realize that Isaac, Nancy, and their business partners have been very successful so far. But this seems like an awfully big leap. I just hope this isn't Isaac's "I'm Keith Hernandez" moment and it ends up falling flat a la Stewart Woodman's Five.

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  1. why does the msp market go to the negative speculation always first...
    I hope it turns out like this...

    He basically can get pasta from la grassa if he wants, or have someone prep it daily, its eggs and flour, and a machine. (and a basic dumpling recipe is similar in effort, and thats where last nights special goes, and trim from the raw bar and steak cutting
    )Raw bar=purchase smart, keep it focused
    steak? idiot proof, its all in the sourcing and the broiler
    pizza oven? they have them at the airport.
    Its really a few different revenue centers and control points for the kitchen mgmt. Not saying its easy, but its definitely not as unfocused a mess as you lay it out to be.

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    1. re: mitch cumstein

      "Why does the msp market go to the negative speculation always first... "


      1. re: Db Cooper

        There is a reason there are so many new restaurants opening all the time in this city, because many are closing around the same rate.

        I feel the city is getting close to the amount of modernist cuisine and upscale american....might be time to find a new trend out there or fill in the gaps that already exist.

        I do feel that the area Travail (Broadway) is at in Robbinsdale is prime for some other restaurants to come in (better than Birdtown, El Toro, or Broadway). I would love a Blue Door or similar in this neighborhood.

        1. re: brlattim

          I'll bite... Upscale american basically gives you carte blanche for a concept to be all over the place. Very few are bound by a concept or cuisine. I guarantee you see more upscale american, without a break. I think this city has its fill of modernist cuisine at the point we are at now, but so has most of the country, I feel. Actual cooking technique will once again come back into popular view. I feel that we are hampered by a couple things here, mainly the "best" restaurants in the world right now are foraging a ton, and our state is pretty repressive as what it allows. Where to next? Some legit new orleans cuisine would be ligit or maybe a gastropub that serves that asking for too much?

          Experience says that most restaurants that open anywhere will have an uphill battle, more so in this market because restauranteurs are timid to stray too far from the burger and fries, and look at the places that do the best volume biz and what are they serving?

          1. re: mitch cumstein

            Definitely agree on few late night options. It’s either pizza or bar food for most neighborhoods. The beer movement is great, but most gastro-pubs are similar with some exceptional.
            I think the city has great opportunity in the first tier suburbs (Golden Valley, St Louis Park, etc) to open more foodie type places. I can't believe places like Theresas exist with their bland crappy Mexican with all the great options we have here. I give El Toro and the like a pass b/c of the 50% off coupons. If the food is good clearly people will come. And by foodie, doesn’t have to be Travail…but definitely not Crave. Pretty sad that the west end blew up and I still could care less about any place there. Some actually make me gag a little like the toby keith place. Kind of a lost opportunity to be a mini-uptown.

    2. I agree that the concept is broad, but guess what - they will give it a try and after a couple of months keep what works and tweak or eliminate the rest. And that is a summary of how the resto biz works.

      1. Previously described here as "fatally flawed":

        I'm not going to spend time worrying about something until its open. I'm hopeful based on the location and crew.

        1. If kitchen sink concept dining were not a successful strategy, we wouldn't have those god-awful Crave restaurants everywhere.

          At least in this version, we can be assured there is a team that has done most of these things successfully elsewhere.

          Five failed for two big reasons: Parking and Stewart Woodman. Parking is going to suck @ Burch but Isaac is not Stewart Woodman...he is considerate.

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            1. re: american_idle

              No. I don't burden myself with that sourpuss. Watching a misanthrope disdain misanthropes is to too ironic for me to handle.