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Feb 12, 2013 01:08 PM

Bangalore Food Suggestions, Please

Hello, My Dad will be moving to Bangalore in May. He's in his late '70's and was born and raised in India, but principally in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. He loves food and is an ardent carnivore. Can any India-knowledgeable Hounds give some suggestions for amazing food in Bangalore? Recommendations of biryani places, dosa-iddly/Kerala-style places, Andhra-style places, and anything with meat-based cuisine would be most welcome. He's not into Thai or other East Asian cuisines. And he prefers great cheap food in a run-down location to decent expensive food with a great ambience, so suggestions of stalls, carts, storefronts and dives are fine. Thanks for your help.

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  1. MTR for his dosa/idli fix, if he's patient to wait in lines. For faded glory, nothing better than Koshy's (just not for the uninspired breakfasts). If he can score an invite to the Bangalore Club, there's also such a sense of history there, too. Given, it's now been awhile since I've been there...

    1. I like Aangan's for their Punjabi style biryani and kebabs, they have locations around Bangalore, including the ones I've ordered from in Koramangala and Bellandur.

      Other than this I'll be of little help as I was primarily eating at more of the expensive places you mention he's not interested in. But a few people did contribute to my Bangalore thread ( with less "expat" oriented places if you want to read through it.

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        Thanks, Pine Time and Vanderb. He'd be open to the more expensive places, Vanderb, but it seems like most of those are already covered on Indian tourism websites. If you have some tips as to fancy places he might not find there, that would be great.