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Feb 12, 2013 12:52 PM

Bacon Pancakes

I'm helping to put together a short blog story on CHOW about bacon pancakes, and I've seen lots of mention of them on Chowhound. For example, in this discussion:

Seems like one option is to put pieces of crumbled up bacon into the batter, and another option is to use entire strips of bacon (i.e. just dip bacon into batter, then cook).

For those who make bacon pancakes, what is your strategy? I imagine a third option might be to put the bacon onto the skillet, then pour the batter over it. What do people like best?

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  1. We either pour the batter onto the griddle, and then sprinkle with the crumbled bacon before flipping, or we put the cooked bacon on the griddle and pour the batter over it.

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      Number two would be my preference. The one thign I would add/point out is that the use of a bacon press is key here. You need to keep you bacon flat for this to work well.

      1. re: hambone

        Ah, good point about the press. I hadn't thought of that, but it definitely makes sense.

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          I usually bake the bacon, so it's wavy. We like the bacon to peek out of the pancake here and there. Gives it more texture too.

      2. Dave, have you considered bacon potato pancakes?

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          OH EMM GEE! Nevermind Dave, I'm considering them now. ;)

        2. I once saw a recipe for bacon-cornmeal waffles---you put the strip of bacon on the waffle iron then pour in a cornbread kind of batter. I was so sure it would stick and make a mess that i never tried it but the flavors and textures sound compatible. Maybe some variant of this with bacon and a fried corncake would be nice? Rather than plain pancake batter?

          1. Hi Dave,
            There are traditional Limburg Pancakes (wheat and buckwheat Pancakes with bacon and Sirop de Liege)

            Let me know if you'd like a recipe.


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            1. re: lyudavitaya

              I would love the recipe. Those look delicious.

              1. re: shoo bee doo

                My pleasure, shoo bee doo!

                Limburg Pancakes (with bacon and Sirop de Liege)

                for 6 pancakes:

                62g AP flour
                62g Buckwheat flour
                125g milk
                2g instant yeast (SAF)
                1 L egg
                pinch of salt
                1 t sugar

                6 thin strips of uncooked bacon
                2 T of Sirop de Liege

                1. Mix everything in list #1 and refrigerate overnight to cook for breakfast. Or, this batter needs 1 hour fermentation in room temp. If you use regular dry yeast instead, mix: dry yeast + milk + sugar (room temp) first, let it stay for 30 min, than mix in everything else.

                2. Low heat, cold skillet. Put bacon on cold skillet and cook it on very low heat for about 10 minutes on one side. It partially cooks the bacon and renders extra fat. Collect bacon fat -- it'll be used (if needed) for cooking pancakes. Put strips of bacon to rest on paper towel.

                for every pancake the steps are:

                3. Medium heat, hot skillet. Spread a portion of pancake batter on hot skillet and immediately after that put a strip of half cooked bacon cooked side down on top. When the surface of batter looks dry, flip the pancake bacon side down. Cook till done.

                4. Limburg pancakes served hot, bacon side up, drizzled with melted Sirop de Liege.

                Enjoy! :)

                1. re: lyudavitaya

                  Thank you so much, lyudavitaya! I will have to do some research on Sirop de Liege.

            2. We don't do this often, but when we do it's with crumbled cooked bacon (or sausage). Just don't care for the texture of the whole "bacon strip inside the pancake" thing - too hard to eat.