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Feb 12, 2013 12:43 PM

Romantic Restaurant for young 20s couple in Upper East

Hi all,

My girlfriend and I are celebrating V-day with a trip to NYC. We are staying near Central Park. I was hoping to find a nice, classy restaurant to take her. I am willing to spend $$$$, but I don't want the atmosphere to be too mature that we would feel out of place.

After searching the internet, I decided that Gramercy Tavern would be the perfect spot; however I'm too late -- it's booked for Saturday night. Looking for either a place like that or a cute little hidden-away Italian restaurant.

Thanks for your help! Much appreciated.

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  1. Consider Salumeria Rosi on Madison Ave. between 72nd and 73rd Streets.

    1. Even better, in my opinion, if you show up around 6 to 615 at Le Bernadin; you can eat at the bar or in the lounge. You might be able to be seated at the bar at Jean-Georges or 11 Madison but 11 Madison's bar is a zoo on a Saturday night.
      I have never eated an Gramercy Tavern. All of these are 3 star Michellin restaurants.

      1. Thanks for the quick turn around!

        Anyone have any thoughts on Craft Restaurant?

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            I second Craft. If Gramercy Tavern was a choice, Craft is similar distance from UES. I think Gramercy, JG, Le Bernadin are all "too mature". I think forget about the UES and do Craft or alternate maybe Babbo, or Del Posto.

          2. re: milanpatel

            And it does not look like they have any availability for Saturday night.

          3. This is a very confusing post-Gramercy Tavern no way close to Upper East. Why don't you try something fun instead of romatic? The lower East side would fit your age group much better than Upper East in terms of nightlife. Save the romantic nights for when you turn 40.