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Feb 12, 2013 12:39 PM

Good Ramen on Long Island?

I had that wicked cold virus for like 3 weeks. During my stay on the couch I saw the movie, "Ramen Girl" and am now dying for good ramen.

Any suggestions?

I'm in western Suffolk, but might be inspired to drive a little!

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  1. Last winter I had a very nice bowl of ramen at Arata in Syosset. Also Koiso in Carle Place does good ramen.

    1. Try Daisho of Japan in Huntington. Ramen is their specialty. So good, the ramen soup with roast pork. Wish I had some now!

      1. Once you find good ramen, watch "Tampopo."

        1. I haven't found any good ramen joints on LI unfortunately. I tried Daisho in Huntington & really wanted to like it since its a much shorter trip than Manhattan or Brooklyn. However, I wasn't impressed with their ramen bowl at all. It seemed uninspired and boring. The yakitori at Daisho, on the other hand, was delicious.
          Until then, I must find my ramen fix in NYC. I haven't seen ramen touted on much menus on LI. I plan to look into Arata and Koiso.