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Feb 12, 2013 12:08 PM

It's Fat Tuesday, any Lenten Food Commitments?

Giving anything up like chocolate or ice cream?
Eating something regularly like fruit or salad?

I've pledged to only 3 meals out a week (a serious cut back for me) and to avoid sugar/sweeteners - natural or engineered - whenever practicable.

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  1. I don't eat meat during Lent.

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    1. re: laliz

      Every day? I don't eat meat Ash Wednesday and all Fridays of Lent.

      1. re: marymac

        every day. just my personal choice, have done it for quite a while now ~~ havent been 100% successful every year; events come up, KWIM?

        When I used to drink, I gave up booze every year. THAT was tough. White knuckling and sipping perrier through a straw. ack.

    2. no alcohol for me.

      and no trail mix and granola - why? because im obsessed.

      1. I have a horrible Coke habit. It is my preferred caffeine drink to get me functioning in the morning. (Love the combination of sugar, caffeine, cold, and fizz.)

        I am giving up Coke for Lent and I hope I will have developed such better habits that I won't want to go back after Easter.

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        1. re: jlhinwa

          I went cold turkey for a year about 5 years ago jlhinwa, to be honest, it was hell at first. i recommend you have plenty of ice tea available to deal with the caffein headaches. I was able to do unsweetened.

          After a year I still loved the flavor and sparkle of coke, but didn't crave it the same way. Fiver years on I still enjoy one now and then, but its a special treat, not my 'go-to-beverage'. I limit myself to 2-3 per week, and usually drink less than that, some weeks none at all.

          I'm rooting for you!

          1. re: KaimukiMan

            Thanks so much for the encouragement, KMan. It is encouraging to hear success stories.

            Today is day #3... So far, hanging in there. I have been armed with Tylenol and I have needed it. I haven't given up all soda or all caffeine, so that has helped. I really don't want to trade one vice for another, though. One day at a time....

            1. re: jlhinwa

              Good for you!

              I was playing on the computer one evening and decided I wanted a coke. Went to the fridge and was really annoyed that I was out, I meant to buy some when I was at the store that afternoon. Then I remembered I DID buy a 6 pack. Now where did I put it? Right then I glanced at the trash can and saw 2 cans sitting right on top. A closer look revealed the other 4. Yep, between about 2pm and 10pm I drank a six-pack of coke.

              I said to myself, no one needs that much sugar and caffeine, and I'm not going to let coca cola run my life. After 3 days you are over the worst of it. Try to make sure you have something cold and refreshing in the refrigerator all the time, including bottled water. Having a selection of things that you can open and drink right away helps deal with the immediate craving. I'm lucky, I live alone so I didn't have to deal with having any in the house. That would have made things a lot more difficult.

          2. re: jlhinwa

            Best of luck with cutting back Coke. I have recently worked to cut out caffeine, and the first few days/week is tough. Depending on what you want, I also just recommend having the head ache medicine of your choice around for those first few days if necessary.

            1. re: cresyd

              Thanks cresyd. Tylenol is my friend right now. I really do want to cut back on caffeine in general so am trying not to replace Coke with something similarly unhealthy.

              1. re: jlhinwa

                Yeah - I also think it helps to know that taking care of the caffeine headache isn't going to lead to Tylenol dependency but sure helps keep the caffeine at bay. Best of luck!

            2. re: jlhinwa

              I give up carbonated beverages every year. This year I'm giving up caffeine as well altho I am exchanging green tea for coffee (it has some caffeine). I don't feel like I drink that much caffeine but have a dull headache right now. Will be drinking kool-aid and snapple-like drinks and water of course.

            3. I'm giving up sweets / desserts (and at this moment I'm eating a piece of chocolate cake as my last hurrah). I've given up (or attempted to give up) red meat, alcohol and dessert in the past, and desserts are the hardest for me ...

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              1. re: cookie monster

                Will you still keep the name Cookie Monster?

                1. re: Tripeler

                  Ha - for sure. My break-up with cookies is definitely only temporary.

              2. back when I still considered myself a Catholic, our parish priest said "life is hard enough already, don't feel like you have to give anything up".

                We still do meatless Fridays and Ash Wednesday but other than that, I'm with Father Tom

                (and I had Paczki yesterday...that's a tradition I can agree with!)

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