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Feb 12, 2013 11:57 AM

"Local" focused Restaurants and Inns/B&Bs in or near Ashland, Oregon?

Planning an upcoming extended stay in the Ashland, OR area...

Specifically looking for places with attention to sourcing (meat sourced from humane/sustainable farms, grass-fed products, and seasonal produce).

I know there are many restaurants now commonly using buzz words such as "local" and "sustainable" and "seasonal" on their websites, but I am looking for places that seem to authentically incorporate this focus beyond marketing, as an integral aspect of running their business.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner establishments, as well as tips re: accommodation options are welcomed. In terms of lodging, we tend to lean toward upscale accommodations in regards to bedding, fixtures, etc. We prefer to stay in small inns, bed and breakfasts, or boutique hotels, but are open to larger properties if accommodations and service are top notch.

Also, halfway through our stay over a weekend, we might be able to travel out a one or two hour radius from Ashland, so if you have any don't-miss options outside the town itself, please pass them on too.

Thanks in advance for any tips/advice!

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  1. Start with this list and I'll get back to you on your specific requests.

    1. Standing Stone Brewery is raising their own poultry locally, and sourcing local beef.

      Coquina, on A Street.

      Larks, which is in the Ashland Springs Hotel, but tries to source local produce.

      Side trip: Crater Lake, not to be missed if you don't come this way often. Rim Drive is closed until early summer.