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Feb 12, 2013 11:27 AM

dinner restaurant between SLC and Solitude

Utah hounds,
We are flying into SLC and then heading up to Solitude for a few days. Any restaurant recommendations for dinner between SLC and Solitude. We eat any type of food.

Thank you!

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  1. I'm sure there are lots of choices, and I'm not a Utah hound, but darned if I'm not in love with the Red Iguana. Best Mexican food I have had in the U.S., and fairly close to the airport.

    1. There is a great place in Holladay called Tuscany, it's just off the I-215 at 6200 South. I alway enjoy it when in SLC and it's pretty convenient to Big Cottonwood Cny.
      Have Fun!!!

      1. If you don't mind a bar type place, go to the Porcupine Grill. Get off I-215 at 6200 South and head left (Tuscany is to the right) until you get to the intersection of Ft. Union. turn Right - to the left you go up Big Cottonwood Canyon (and Solitude). Good food, good entree-sized salads, tasty nachos.

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          I was in SLC last weekend and tried to go to the Porcupine but the wait was very long...(bad timing as all the Snowbirds were done for the day).

          I'm gonna have to try again next time I'm in town.