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Feb 12, 2013 11:24 AM

Great uni. Where?

I have had some trouble finding top quality uni here(either Santa Barbara or Hokkaido). Kabuto's is never more than decent, Sen's is usually slightly better. Last couple times at Bar Masa it was terrible. Went to Yonaka last night, they talked it up, was B/B- at best. I know there must be somewhere with great uni that I'm overlooking. Thanks.

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  1. It's too bad to hear you haven't had much luck. My experiences at Kabuto and Barmasa have been different. Having said that, you might give Raku a call. They sometimes have a special of live uni -- quite good. My comment at the time was "Served in the shell, the roe was of course very good. Underneath was a broth flavored with more sea urchin, plus noodles and a little bit of salmon roe."