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Feb 12, 2013 11:16 AM

Date night this Saturday (between Dream Downtown & Comedy Cellar)

Getting away from the three kids for the night this weekend (last minute offer from grandparents!). We are probably going to stay at Dream Downtown in Greenwich Village area and go to the Comedy Cellar for some laughs. Wondering if anyone can suggest some good restaurants in between?

I like all types of food and especially seafood. Husband is major steak aficianado. We of course want somewhere romantic for a date night, with a great atmosphere. Looking for something fun, kind of fancy but please nothing too stuffy. Thank you!!

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  1. The Dream Downtown is on 16th & 9th, more the Meatpacking District than the Village. But between there and Comedy Cellar, you have basically the entire West Village.

    What is your budget?

    Would you possibly be dining early or late? What time is your show?

    Are you OK with waiting for a table?

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    1. re: kathryn

      Thanks for your quick response. I am totally city ignorant, so forgive my geographic naiveté.

      No strict budget. Im thinking somewhere around $25-40 entrees. Is that reasonable? We'll probably do the 915 comedy show, which would put us in for an early dinner.... 7pm. Probably easier to get reservations then anyway right? Otherwise we can do a 730 show and 930pm dinner.

      And we don't mind waiting for a table if the place is great :) THANKS!

      1. re: steviegene

        Saturday night for two, downtown Manhattan, planning so last minute, the tables available will more likely be in the 5-6pm or 10-11pm slots.

        Add on the requirement of steak + seafood + fun + romantic and it's going to be a challenge.

        This part of town isn't rich in steakhouses. But there are some restaurants that serve steaks, and excellent ones as well.

        You could try waiting for a table or seats at Minetta Tavern (French-ish) or Tertulia (Spanish) or Perla (Italian), around 6pm, to avoid waiting too, too long.

        And do the late show anyway, just in case. You could grab a drink somewhere in between.

        My pick for a big night out would be Minetta Tavern. It is loud and crowded but the steak is amazing, the service is excellent, and the atmosphere is great. Very Rat Pack-esque. It's one of my favorite places. But it books up a month in advance and prime time tables can be hard to get. You can eat at the bar, which is first come, first served.

    2. This close to Saturday I'd be surprised to even find 6:00 reservations available at most places. Looking over Opentable, there's a couple along that route with openings (varying from 6:00 - 7:00) that stand out:

      Mas (La Grillade)
      Blue Ribbon Bakery Kitchen
      Cafe Cluny (rezzies through their own website, not OT)

      Of the above - BRBK, Bobo, and Pastis are pretty straightforward.

      Mas is also, but a bit more refined - also, everything is cooked over hardwood, a fun concept.

      Salinas is great, Spanish cuisine (but not -just- tapas) excellent fish options, though they don't have a steak (or if they do it's a steak-for-two special) - but if your husband likes pork, Chef Bollo's suckling pig is decadent, if expensive.

      Cafe Cluny recently had an excellent new chef take over, but I haven't been since he overhauled the menu. Probably going this week.

      There are also a couple of no-rez options: The Spotted Pig, Babbo, and the Blue Ribbon flagship (more extensive menu than BRBK) on Sullivan street - for any of the above, you'd want to dine early before it's a madhouse (like, 5:30 - and in the case of Babbo, that means be there to get in line a little before 5:00, more than likely.)

      1. BTW, here's an interesting 'neighborhood guide' from a chef who works around your hotel's area: