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Feb 12, 2013 10:56 AM

Palm Springs Area: Any Chow-worthy places???

I live in New York and travel extensively, and I've had the good fortune to be able to visit the beautiful Palm Springs area twice in the last 4 years.

The only downside of these trips has been the so-so food.

What am I missing??? Is there anything better than 'meh'???

I've looked at some of the recent posts on this area - and see that I've tried a few of the restaurants recommended, but nothing, so far, has wow-ed me. So many restaurants in this area seem to be over-priced, generic, mod-american, with similar concepts and menus.

I would be most grateful for some suggestions of where to get DELICIOUS food.

I don't care if the place is high-end or a street cart.
We eat anything and everything - but would particularly welcome food (and experiences) that are unique to the region.

Also, any recommendations for bars would also be great!

We are driving in from LA and will be staying at the Saguaro (we have previously stayed at the Ace and the Parker). We will be going to the Indian Wells tennis tournament during our trip.

Thanks in advance for all suggestions!

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  1. My recommendation is old news, but...Cheekys! I eat breakfast there every other week and never grow tired of the rotating menu. Last week I had an amazing breakfast sandwich: crispy croissant filled with brussels sprouts and eggs. Sounds funky but it was delicious! The kids who work there are generally really sweet.

    I also really love Norma's, but the prices have grown ridiculous.

    1. Cheekys
      Le Vallauris and they have a fab 3-4 course meal for around $ of my fave' must eat on the patio!
      Shame on the Moon
      Ace Hotel, Kings Highway has the best Monday night Gay Bingo with Linda 'Sissy' who is a riot and started this phenom all over the world..
      Great dive bar Amigo with a Drag Queen is fantastic and so is the craft cocktails.
      Las Casuelas is decent for happy hour

      Hopefully, Frieda's will be open when you go.

      1. I wrote an identical message about 6 years ago, Monab, when I started going to the desert once a year to visit my in-laws. I also asked for anything from super $$$ to side-of-the-road hole-in-the-wall. I also come from a great food city. I can assure you that there is not much that you'll remember Coming from a City like NYC, no matter what's recommended, you'll end up saying that you can get much better where you're from. That said, El Gallito in Cathedral City for mexican is okay but nothing special, Roys in Rancho Mirage for appetizers and drinks, Fisherman's Market for deep fried seafood (i know, seafood the desert but whatever), Zin in Palm Springs was okay, Cuistot in Palm Desert, Shame on the Moon is okay but mostly geared to the 75+ crowd. I think my favourite place in the area is Johannes in Palm Springs.

        1. Our top choices:

          1) Jiillian's..expensive but top quality, great atmosphere and VERY WELL known by those who live year round in Palm Springs. Our #1 choice.

          2) Copely's..again on the high end side, very creative and great service.

          1. Rick's Restaurant has a truly excellent Media Noche - Cuban pork pressed sandwich. My girlfriend is from NYC and has always been a major Cuban sandwich snob, having had them in NYC and Miami. She swears that the one at Rick's is the best she has ever had anywhere. There are two Rick's - you want the Restaurant for breakfast or lunch, not the Desert Grill. Their other breakfast and lunch items are pretty good, too.

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              Thanks for the tip about the Cuban sandwich. I'll check it out when I'm there next month. I checked the Restaurant's menu but didn't see it there. Is it an off menu item?

              1. re: acd123

                It's called a Media Noche on the lunch menu in the Cuban food section. The owner is from Miami.

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                  Got it. Thanks. Sounds really good. Will check it out.