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Feb 12, 2013 10:39 AM

Any rec's for Latham NY

We're staying in the Hampton on Route 7 north of the airport, and Google's search-nearby function is giving me a lovely selection of fast food places. Is there anywhere reasonably close that is decent? Not looking for high end fine dining, but a place that actually cooks real food if you know what I mean.

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  1. Not knowing what you are looking for, I'd suggest:

    Epicurean Bistro & Wine Bar - French themed (slightly toward high end)

    Otis & Olivers - Good bbq ribs (30 Mill Rd. New location)

    Ala Shanghai - Authentic Shanghai style. Must-have soup dumplings.

    Karavali - Argueably the best Indian food in our area.

    Sake - good sushi and tepan table cooking available also.

    Portofino Italian - I haven't been there yet, but it got decent review recently considering it is attached to a hotel.

    Hopefully, something here strikes your fancy. Good luck and dining.

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      Lots of things sound good on your list-- thank you! Will consult with the companions (son and DH).

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        Forgot to also mention The Century House for good basic American Food.

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        I second the recommendations of Ala Shanghai and Karavalli. Both have great food! Otis and Oliver's is good, too. Haven't been to their new location. Sushi X is also quite decent with all you can eat (but not buffet) sushi and other Japanese foods. There's a Korean place in the Peter Harris Plaza on Route 7 that has good food but I'm blanking on the name.

        If you don't mind going across the river into Troy, Ali Baba on 15th Street has great Turkish food. And there's Dinosaur Barbeque. The Flying Chicken for inexpensive but quite good fried chicken. And DeFazio's for the best pizza around. Bacchus (sp?) is also supposed to have good wood-fired pizza.

        1. re: Roger K

          Portofino’s Italian Ristorante in Latham lives up to the reputation of a restaurant attached to a Travel Lodge. When I entered there was no reception so I wandered into a children’s party in the large basement-looking dining room. This is a good place for a children’s party: good location, children’s menu, and a bar. The bar area is very nice. They have a large selection of liquors, but Chivas Regal isn't one of them, nor does the bartender know what it is (a blended Scotch), as I was offered Jack Daniels as an alternative.

          The waiter Mike was efficient and thoughtful, automatically giving me the 10% discount afforded to guests of the hotel next door. This was not only observant of him but I interpreted it as a gesture of good will for allowing him to not ask me how my food was. The salad came drenched in vinaigrette. The scallops were cooked perfectly, caramelized but tender on the inside. However, they were salted beyond comprehension. The generous portion of grilled veggies was nice, though unevenly sliced. And Yellow Squash with Zucchini felt a bit 1980’s to me.

          The amusing highlight of the evening was the Crème Brûlée “Duo”. What was promised was “vanilla custard with caramelized sugar crust and cotton candy and Chef's seasonal creation,” but instead I got two identical ramekins of strawberry custard. And where I expected a spun sugar topping was a dollop of actual cotton candy. Weird.

          The summary is this - - my wine was served in a glass goblet which felt very heavy in my hand, and I realized it was not crystal, and this place is not fine dining.

        2. One of the best Italian restaurants in the area is not too far from where you are. D'Raymonds. Little bit pricey, but their veal dishes are to die for, particularly the veal chop. I would recommend them highly

          1. Yoshi Sushi is nearby, too. Much better sushi than anything else in the vicinity.

            1. Thanks for your suggestions, but unfortunately we had to cancel our trip up there due to illness (we were planning on visiting RPI on a college visit). I'm sure we'll be back, and will try out one of these.

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                Sorry to hear you had to cancel. When you do come, since you're visiting RPI, please see my Troy recommendations above. Especially Ali Baba which is right down the street.

                1. re: DGresh

                  I concur with AmyH's Troy suggestions and also add The Charles Lucas Confectionary & Wine Bar.
                  Nice spot for relaxing with a glass of wine, local and regional cheeses, and other small plates that don't require any cooking.