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Feb 12, 2013 10:36 AM

Can Salsa really freeze?

I don't know why I do this but I again bought the huge container of Jack's special fresh salsa from costco I have barley touched it such a waste! a couple people in some old threads were saying they actually freeze salsa. Is this really possible

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  1. granted it's in smaller jars, but i buy salsa at trader joe's and never had it go off. there is plenty of natural acid in there.

    1. Yes, but the texture will not be the same when thawed. So, if you want to use what you have frozen in cooking, yes. If you want a similar product, nope. It depends how you like it. One could make a salsa puree and it would be good.

      1. I keep jarred salsas in the fridge for a month easily (if they last that long). After that, depending on the amount left, I'd probably toss it or freeze it. But as already posted, the texture will suffer after thawing.

        1. I routinely freeze home made salsa, but only the ones that are cooked and pureed (like salsa verde and broiled tomato salsa). If your fresh salsa is little cubes (as opposed to a thick slurry) I believe the texture will suffer, although the flavor would be fine. I would personally puree it before or after freezing. When thawed, I would add something fresh like green onions or more chopped chiles or fresh cilantro to give it some texture.

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            thanks! think I will try to puree it before and then try freezing it. worth a try!

            1. re: Sarah1218

              I'd purée it after because it'll be watery when thawed.

              I'd also recommend throwing something fresh in when you purée.