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Feb 12, 2013 10:03 AM

Henri Le Roux Salted Butter Caramel in Paris

Henri Le Roux is ‘world famous’ for his Caramel au Beurre Salé (C.B.S.).

While there are several outlets that stock his chocolates, I became addicted to his C.B.S. Tart, which I discovered in Tokyo.

According to the Le Roux website, his products are made in France (Landévant) and exported to Japan – however, the C.B.S. Tart is not listed anywhere on the website. So it is possible that the caramel is shipped to Japan and the tart produced locally.

Henri Le Roux now has 2 (relatively new) stores in Paris:

Paris Martyrs (24 rue des Martyrs)

Paris Saint-Germain ( 1 rue de Bourbon le Château)

Have any ‘Hounds visited either store or can verify/refute whether the C.B.S. TART is available. I will be in Paris for 2/3 nights in April (2013) and would love to feed my addiction! (Not sure my French is sufficient to ascertain this level of detail).

Thanks in advance.

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  1. I have visited his shop in Saint-Grmain to explore in general but can't say I paid attention to that particular product. But while you're in Psris,check out another shop that has recently opened a Paris branch. it's called Meert ( from Lille ) and the caramels are mind blowing. They are certainly better than Genin, which I don't get anyway..

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      The Paris branch of Meert seems to be in Bon Marche. Convenient.

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        Sounds like an excellent substitute - I usually try and do comparative tastings - but I'll still need an 'original' as a comparison.

    2. They may well be represented at the Bon Marche, but you have to go to 16 rue Elzevir ( I think it's in the 4 th) for their small shop, crammed with beautiful handmade confections like caramels, handmade perfumed marshmallows and pate de fruits. So pretty,so yummy!

      1. Bumping this up - I'll be in Paris later this month.
        Does anyone have any further information?
        Specifically on the TARTS.

        1. I have also checked on the Japan Board, and am told that this product has been discontinued - so there are good reasons why I can't find it on the current website.

          1. Reporting back on the taste test!
            Tried several different caramels and 'most' were just too sweet with no levels of flavour.
            Meert stood out for their buttery flavour, although it seemed almost 'too far' verging on coconut.
            Henri Le Roux won overall (again) - also a high butter % but modified by a hint of burned sugar at the end (think creme brulee). Easily the most complex set of flavours.

            Sadly, no tarts, but they do serve ice cream. The salted caramel was disappointing - 1-dimensional. But the Diablo Rose sorbet was magnificent, with complex flavour and superb mouth feel. A mixture of banana (mouth feel), raspberry and passion fruit, giving both sweet and sour sensations.

            And a final discovery (just round the corner from Meert); the eclairs from 'l'eclair de genie' were astounding - best I've ever had. Taste as good as they look - maybe better!

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              Thank you for reporting back. so many don't! I believe there's a HLR second shop on the rue des Martyrs. you might want to check it out for the tarts you are looking for.I went to that eclair shop a few weeks ago. the eclairs were so pretty and varied. I'm glad they tasted good too. I think that eclairs are the macarrons of the future; you're seeing more and more of them.:)

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                How do they compare to Genin ?, which l do get !

                1. re: Delucacheesemonger

                  Never had one at Genin-I never quite have understood that place and the hysteria that seems to surround it on this board. I like a place like Carl Marletti, it has a calm vibe. You can buy some treats there and take them outside and eat them on a bench if the weather permits. I saw lots of eclairs there and also at Pichard on the rue Cambronne. I sense a trend here :) I mean- eclairs have been around forever, but now there is an inventiveness as to fillings that I didn't notice earlier . Anyway-for the last word on pastry I go to a website dedicated to it-raids-patisserie. You might enjoy it.