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Feb 12, 2013 09:36 AM

Edmonton and Top Chef Canada

Three seasons of Top Chef Canada and there are still no Edmonton-based chefs competing. How come? Is everyone too busy? Are we a chef wasteland?

In the 3rd season, 3 Calgary-based chefs are competing. Another chef was trained here at NAIT, but works in Toronto.

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  1. Edmonton is a food wasteland compared to Calgary.

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      1. re: crazy_eoj

        Sorry, is this trolling or actual food commentary?

        Everything is relative, so there are a long list of places that could follow "Edmonton/Calgary is a food wasteland compared to..." For that reason, it is much easier to view each city on its own rather than trying to make it a generic comment about one prairie city being superior to the other when there is an entire world of food out there. If there is a specific restaurant in Edmonton for which you have a review or some specific category of cuisine you feel is missing from the dining scene, I am sure the post would be welcomed since there is another thread on this board about the lack of posts as of late in Prairie Provinces

        As for the original post, I was actually discussing this yesterday. I assumed there hasn't been a lot of applications from Edmonton chefs, especially from ones that have opened restaurants recently.

        1. re: aasg

          re. trolling, I never think of that, the whole term is very new to me. I am so naive...LOL.

      2. It is strange. Does anyone know what the process is of qualifying? I know Edmonton doesn't have as many restaurants, but surely someone would be albe to make it. Daniel Costa?

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        1. re: cleopatra999

          I believe it is a video tape audition (or a live audition), plus a dish test.

          So I wonder if 1. did anyone from Edmonton even apply and 2. did they just not make the cut?

          1. re: anonymoose

            Anonymoose. I've heard of some locals that applied.

            1. re: raidar

              I am so out of the loop! Haven't had time to even read any blogs lately. Do you know if any of them were close to making it?

        2. Sucks for Edmonton, but if you don't apply, you don't get on the show. The process is outlined on the website when they're recruiting. There is a detailed form that has to be filled in and a video submission.

          If this bothers Edmontonians they should prod their faves to apply. No alternative.

          I have to say I can't not feel a little Schadenfreude. A few years ago a guy opened this smoothie/veg place on Stephen Ave (where Original Joes is now) and everytime I went in he'd regale me about how much BETTER the restaurant scene is in Edmonton (his home town) and how the reason nobody's in his place is that Calgary has such bad taste- last conversation he says, without any invitation, "I was just talking to the manager at (whatever the resto at the Marriott is, or was, back then) and we agreed there's no point in opening a restaurant in Calgary." Complete a-hole. I said to him "maybe you should try not insulting your costumers" and walked out. They closed a few days later, and good riddance.

          This was in 2001 I think and back then, which was soon after I had moved to Calgary (from Toronto), I got this sort of thing nonstop: Edmonton has the culture, Edmonton has the arts, Calgary is a wasteland. I had "FRINGE!" shoved down my throat with every interaction with somebody from Edmonton "forced" to relocate here. It was shocking but as I say it happened over and over.

          It never happens anymore. Ever.

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          1. re: plateofshrimp

            Again, do you have any comments about specific restaurants in Edmonton? It is a bit easier to discuss Edmonton's food scene with particular comments on restaurants in the city rather than just trying to vomit on the city relative to Calgary. That makes it just as bad as the people you are complaining about.

            But of course, no Calgarians "forced" to relocate in Edmonton do similar things or people moving between any other two close by and similarly sized cities...

            1. re: aasg

              My point is that this guy who had a resto in downtown Calgary would lecture me about how much better Edmonton was. If that happens in Edmonton- that's too bad and you shouldn't patronize such places.