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Feb 12, 2013 08:36 AM

Traditional food in Rome

Please recommend some traditional trattoria type restaurants in Rome. Even after a few trips and much searching, we haven't found much we really like in Rome and are usually much happier with restaurants in Florence.

A typical meal might be an antipasto, pasta, wine and desert. Something in the general range of 70-80 euros for two people.

Termini, Villa Borghese and Pantheon neighborhoods.

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  1. Can you talk more specifically about where you've eaten before in Rome and why these places disappointed you? Also, what was it you found in the restaurants of Florence that was more to your liking? It might help others figure out exactly what to recommend for Rome in the neighborhoods you've mentioned.

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      In Florence we liked:

      Nella: riboletta, gnochhi al gorgonzola, penna al pesto
      Natalino: carpacchio, sformatino, fiochino (purses with pear and gorgonzola cream sauce)
      Trebbio: mozzar bufala, rigatonni amercina, roast pork and potatoses, ravioli
      4 Leoni, salads, pecorini miele, carpaccio, fiocchetta (similar to Natalino)

      In Rome, restaurants we have tried tend to be duller and less tasty or not the best quality.

    2. Here are my favorites:
      Perilli (Testaccio)
      Taverna dei Fori Imperiali (Monti)
      Costanza (Campo dei Fiori)
      Nino (Spanish Steps, a bit more upscale)

      I also like Vino e Camino and Renata e Luisa. Not fully 'trattoria' in the rustic sense, but really good and within your price range.

      Two more:
      Sora Margherita
      Enoteca Corsi
      These are both very rustic trattorias. Better for lunch in my opinion.

      Hope this helps!

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      1. re: minchilli

        Costanza for lunch

        Antipasto: a smoked provolona that was, as my wife put it, "disappointing"

        Prima Piatti: rigattoni with black truffles and sausage. Delicious
        fettucine with porcini mushrooms. Boring

        Wine: Pinot Grigio. Fine

        Coffee: very good

        Service: very well done

        Atmosphere: nice, we appeared to be the only non-Italians

      2. Maybe on the cheap side, Tonino's ?

        1. Trattoria Monti , not far from Termini, might be up your alley, fine pastas and antipasti as well as good meats, veg and wine. I cant say about dessert, we are not big lovers of Italian restaurant desserts.

          Agree with Minchelli on sora margherita, tasty ravioli and other homemade pasta, admittedly not the most refined but good, inexpensive good baby lamb and other roman dishes - we liked, lunch only I believe, friendly, crowded and inexpensive.

          We also like La Campana and Armando al Pantheon for lunches (they are open for dinner as well, but we have not tried and we like what we presume is a less touristic feel at lunchtime.) The former has an appetizer array, the latter has excellent traditional roman pasta and meat dishes, and both have desserts we have enjoyed, a rarity in inexpensive italian restaurants.

          1. I agree with barberinibee, it is futile for us to give recs if you don't tell us what you have tried and not liked till now.