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Where is everyone?

Just curious, have noticed the number of people on prairie provinces has dropped significantly :(

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    1. re: anonymoose

      Maybe there is just nothing exciting on the food front to talk about?

      1. re: cleopatra999

        I just thought of something we could discuss but it might get moved to another board... lemme give it a shot.

        1. re: anonymoose

          I am as guilty as others because I don't live there anymore. but I still try to check in every week or so, and have been surprised by the lack of activity.

          1. re: cleopatra999

            +1, I still lurk to see what's going on in Calgary but I've also moved away.

      2. re: anonymoose


        I have also noticed the decline. I used to check this page daily, as there were always interesting threads that were active. I find there has been a steady decline in activity which in turn has made my board activity decline. Vicious circle...

        1. re: aasg

          Also still here. I would agree with the vicious circle. I've also participated in threads that have been deleted by the mods, which doesn't exactly inspire more interaction.

      3. Perhaps everyone is recovering from all the 2012 Holiday parties and food.

        Carnival on the other hand just started in Brasil, so not everyone is recovering. Not this one, anyway.

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        1. re: SWISSAIRE

          I actually noticed it last summer, I figured it was just the summer drop off, but it never came back and has been steadily dropping since.

        2. I completely agree cleopatra999. Postings here seem to be few and far between. Has everyone gone over to Urbanspoon? I preferred Chowhound as it is more conversational and spontaneous; I've happily tried many new restaurants as a result. The search function seems to be manifesting problems; I was trying to look up Naina's in Ogden (and others) but no results would come up. I'll do my part and post!

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          1. re: nutellaluvr

            be sure to change the date range when you search, I believe the default is the last 12 months.

            1. re: cleopatra999

              I thought the same thing, but if you search for "Naina's" in the field above incl the past 12 months (or 5 years), all that comes up is THIS thread. If however you use Google, a Chowhound thread comes up where entries are made citing Naina's on Jan 11, 2013 (http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/565908). Admittedly, the OP is from 2008, but there are several posts from Jan 2013 within. From my perspective, this isn't helping CH.

              1. re: nutellaluvr

                That is strange, might be worth mentioning to the site admin?

          2. Nothing much happening food wise is all, it seems.

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            1. re: Shazam

              I run into new food "things" here every week it seems, but have cut down on posting because the site seems to be unloved lately.

              So, here are a couple (ok three) more things that are new to me recently: Firstly, at the Italian Store in the NE, they now have guanciale for cooks who want to make a few traditional Italian recipes like Bucantini all’Amatriciana, or a real Carbonara. Maybe I'll stop making my own guanciale - but probably not. Secondly, and again at the Italian Store, they have Fregola Sarda, tiny toasted pasta balls, great for soups, stuffed quail, and more. Go there and buy some, I talked them into buying it and it probably isn't a great seller, but it should be. So go buy some. Thirdly, while you are in the area, go buy some fresh cheese at White Gold Cheese Factory,1319-45 Ave NE. Among other cheeses, they make a fantastic fresh ricotta, and a fresh mozarella. And they are nice people to boot!

              1. re: Scary Bill

                We're always reading (or at least I am :), anything anybody posts here is greatly appreciated!

                Also the constant site changes sorta turn me off from coming here more regularly.

                1. re: Scary Bill

                  Thanks for letting us know about the guanciale. I've wanted to give it a try but hadn't come across it in Calgary. Never heard of Fregola Sarda but will check them out when I'm there.

                  I'm a frequent lurker, sometimes poster.

                  Noticed this today http://www.avenuecalgary.com/blogs/me...

                  I love watching Top Chef so it's great to see that there will be 3 people from Calgary to cheer on.

                  1. re: Beachy1

                    OMG Scary Bill, I am so MAD that you did not tell me about the guanciale earlier!!!! ;)

                    I cannot wait to get back to Calgary to get some!!!

                    1. re: cleopatra999

                      Cleo, just saw it last Saturday for the first time, honest! Also, the store has been reno'd a bit, especially the cafeteria area which has a larger pastry counter, including sfogliatelle from Italy, which they sold out of when I turned around for 30 seconds! They seem to have brought in a fair number of other new products as well, including Italian Mortadella (the kind with little flecks of pig neck fat - if you like that kind of thing). It is worth a stroll around the store.

                      1. re: cleopatra999

                        Acme Meats in #yeg is now selling guanciale !

                2. I have been a steady lurker over the past few years with the occasional post. I have definitely seen the quality and quantity of posts decrease over the last year. I still check this site out every day for new restaurant and random ingredient news. To all the regulars... keep posting... keep the conversation flowing... there are probably a lot more lurkers like me than posters.

                  1. I find the way the board threads replies can be a little confusing. I'm a steady lurker, however.

                    Anyone want to answer my question about Shabu Shabu I just posted to keep the place going, I'd be much obliged ;)

                    1. I've noticed the same thing. I posted a review of Ousia in Edmonton and Olive Bistro in Jasper but no response to either. :( This weekend, the hubby and I will be trying out Rouge restaurant in Calgary, and The Post Hotel Dining Room in Lake Louise, as well as some casual grub in Banff...hopefully I will have epic meals to talk about, and ideas from other Hounds as to where to also consider trying the next time we're in the area!

                      1. Still here. I'm more of a commenter than a poster. I've also noticed the slow down.

                        1. They are out shoveling snow.

                          1. While I am enjoying 23 deg C.

                            I would imagine you are have the same problem that my home board, Florida has. Not a lot of variety or change for your area. The Florida board can be categorised as Orlando (Disney), Sarasota, the rest of the state.

                            Cutting edge new eateries, cuisines, and 5 star dining is exceedingly rare. We always have the hole in the wall startups, but are they Chow worthy?

                            While we have a number of good places to eat on the Space Coast, there is only one that I would have to say is a must stop, go out of your way experience. And if they had done the most basic search, they would already have known about it.

                            But if I ever get to Banff and go skiing, you can depend on my searching first and giving feedback afterwards here on Chowhound. So thank you for posting.

                            1. Agreed. It is dead around here. I'll try to post most and not be such a lurker. LOL!

                              1. There used to be as many as 10 posts a day - now,sadly, it's dying - I don't know why.
                                I was active when they had a database - I added over 600 listings, before they dropped the database. Not complaining. I don't eat out much locally so I don't have much to contribute to this forum, but I do travel a lot and that is when I dine out.
                                Still I am saddened.

                                1. I always start January with lofty goals to eat nothing but quinoa, spinach and plain yogurt until I just can't take it anymore, so I'm never in a very Chowish mood at the start of the year.

                                  1. I admit to being more of a lurker than a poster, as we love to cook and don't go out to restaurants that much. That said, I have posted a few reviews, or answers when someone was looking for an ingredient that I knew where to find. The comments that there is not much going on in the Calgary food scene don't make much sense to me tho. It seems there are a lot of new places. I did notice awhile ago that there were no posts by John Manzo. I did enjoy his intelligent posts, and he did post a lot.

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                                    1. re: Albertagirl

                                      I also noticed John Manzo's absence. it seems he's moved over to urbanspoon to write reviews.

                                      1. re: nutellaluvr

                                        I dumped US on my phone as I found it completely and utterly useless. when I'd put in the parameters, it'd pop out nothing I was close to or searching for.

                                    2. I've been lurking way more than I have ever posted. I was looking for some discussion about food in Northern Alberta (Grande Prairie), but I was met with radio silence. I still love reading posts though!

                                      1. I have been lurking....haven't posted for almost a year.
                                        The site really slowed down for some unknown reason. People might have been reviewing on Yelp/ Urbanspoon.

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                                        1. re: hungryneko

                                          I communicated with a lady via email a couple of times who did just that, commented on yelp+other sites, not sure which ones) because she said she was over it over here ;:-/

                                        2. I am curious about the comments about people moving over to Urbanspoon. I check Urbanspoon for information about restaurants, but if I am looking for restaurant suggestions, especially if I visit a new city, I prefer Chowhound. I feel that people on Chowhound are more likely to be people as obsessed with food as I am, hence the preference.

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                                          1. re: aasg

                                            I met a gal at a food event recently who had started up a food blog. She lead me to believe that there are incentives for posting on U.S. For example, an invite to a foodie group dinner for those who posted great than X posts (I don't recall the number but I know it was high).

                                            1. re: aasg

                                              It would be a shame if the low traffic is really a result of people going over to Urban Spoon. I admit that I use the app on my phone on rare occasions when I can't think of anywhere I'd like to eat, but the reviews on US are an absolute farce in my experience....

                                            2. I stopped posting because of the heavy handed, unaccountable, nebulously regulated phantom moderation. One beloved jerk off took a dislike to my contributions and after that it was a 75% chance of my posts disappearing. Why bother at that point?

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                                              1. re: itwillmakeaturd

                                                "why bother at that point"?
                                                I agree on that but loved your description of said idiot-I'm now amused-whereas last couple of hours I've been fumin-thanks for much needed humor

                                                1. re: itwillmakeaturd

                                                  I've come close several times to giving up. I think the reduced traffic is largely because you cannot have a spirited discussion here. Short of extreme vulgarity or threats, I think everything should be permissable.

                                                  1. re: Scary Bill

                                                    I am surprised that our comments are so heavily moderated. I always thought this was an open forum for discussion about food experiences. Am I naive? Why the need to censor? Are we in China?

                                                    1. re: itwillmakeaturd

                                                      Totally agree. I've had a few of my posts removed. I can tell who ever is moderating is personal friends with local foodies. Say anything negative about any of the higher profile food bloggers/writers and see what happens.

                                                      I also had an ENTIRE post removed because I mentioned in a review that it was difficult to even taste my food with the lady beside me, who was done eating, was continually applying floral hand cream. The CH Police sent me a private message that said "don't post things like that, it just pisses people off". There was no regard that I was pissed off already nor that my meal was ruined.

                                                      This post will probably be removed too.

                                                      1. re: TSAW

                                                        I thought the mod for this section was from another province and that there wasn't a local mod?

                                                        I haven't had much issue with getting posts pulled from here but I have in some of the non-Canadian sections. If you think this is bad you should see some of the others!

                                                        1. re: TSAW

                                                          This mirrors my experience. If you try to touch the untouchable soon your posts are invisible.

                                                          1. re: itwillmakeaturd

                                                            I had a problem with my browser and CH, each time I logged on. So I was logged off for a few months.

                                                            I've been busy this year working. In Rome last month and currently in Brasil. There is everything one could possibly desire in restaurants found in the Jardins area of Sao Paulo. A to Z. Better Italian and German food served here than in Rome or Frankfurt.

                                                            Feeling peckish at Midnight, walk out and they are all open, with the streets fully lighted and jammed with people. The rains do not stop or slow down anyone.

                                                            Fortunately, some restaurants measure your serving portions by the Kilo, which is one way to dine well and economize. But most restaurant prices remain as expensive as Zürich

                                                            But in the last two months only Hotels: Nowhere to cook.

                                                      2. I'm still here...just busy trying to kick start my career. That and moving to the middle of Alberta has meant my food finds are few and far between--and other Red Deer/Central Alberta hounds fewer still. I'll try to do a better job of posting about gems I find out here :)

                                                        Bill-thanks for the tip about the recent renos at Lina's. Love sfogliatelle. I'm overdue for a trip there--and it's probably about time for fresh figs to be showing up.

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                                                        1. re: maplesugar

                                                          Maple, the recent renos and the sfogliatelle were at The Italian Store in the NE off McKnight.

                                                          If you go, the White Gold Cheese Factory is across McKnight, and worth picking up the fresh ricotta and mozarella.

                                                          1. re: Scary Bill

                                                            Doh, sorry--spent so much time catching up that somehow I read Italian Store and thought Lina's... even better that the Italian Store saw some renos-the restaurant side used to look kind of neglected-it was always vacant whenever I visited.

                                                            I'm a 10 minute drive from Sylvan Star's HQ but they don't do their own ricotta or mozzarella so thanks-I'll have to check them out next time we're in Calgary. =)