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Feb 12, 2013 07:52 AM

Smokemeat Pete's getting torn down/renovated

So my sister texted me saying she heard they were tearing down Smokemeat Pete's, so I called their number and there was a message saying they're closed for the month of February for renovations and will reopen on the 2nd of March and host a party with free cake for Pete's birthday. Got quite a scare cause I love the place. I'll be curious to see what it looks like!

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  1. First Mr. Steer, now Smoke Meat Pete's. Where's a soul to eat these days?!

    1. Pete's closes every year for a month so this is nothing new.

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      1. re: jonhall

        OP is reporting that Pete's is undergoing renovations so it is something new and noteworthy. There's always the rival, Delibees.

      2. Just so long as it still reeks of smoker-smoke and beer: renovate away!!

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        1. re: biggreenmatt

          Reminds me of the last time I was there. Mother and her special little snowflake wanted seating in an area that didn't smell of smoke as her child was allergic.

          Why would you come to a place that smokes and grills meat if your kid has problems with smoke.

          Not really picking on them for not wanting to be around smoke, some people dislike it, but honestly. I don't go to a steakhouse and ask what their vegan options are.

          1. re: Zalbar

            most restaurants that smoke and grill meat have a little something called a ventilation system

            1. re: catroast

              Why the sarcasm? All restaurants have a ventilation system, it is required by law, but some smells linger more than others. Ever smell like curry after you eat in an Indian resto? Or fried food at a greasy spoon? Etc...

              1. re: Gloriaa

                rarely have i ever left a restaurant smelling of it. mostly because i do not eat over the deep fryer.

                1. re: catroast

                  Easy! No need to be aggressive IMHO there are some restaurant smells that you carry home with you, and no I do not eat in the kitchen over the deep fryer.

                2. re: Gloriaa

                  @Gloria: Many restaurant don't use the ventilation system or have a very bad system that doesn't suck the smoke out properly.

                  1. re: porker

                    Well whatever work they are doing to the place, they are doing a fantastic job at hiding it. I drive by every day and there are never any vehicles in the parking lot indicating that there is someone doing any work. I am convinced there are no renovations being done and it's just their usual month off they do every year at this time.

                    1. re: jonhall

                      "...they were tearing down Smokemeat Pete's...they're closed...will reopen on the 2nd of March"

                      Seems they're a little pressed for time - about 2 weeks to begin the tear-down, do the rebuild, and open for business...

                      1. re: porker

                        they should call restaurant makeover.

                    2. re: porker

                      We should be so lucky. Sigh.

                      There's a lesson here, though.

                      1. re: biggreenmatt

                        Yeah, "don't drive all the way from Toronto expecting a brand, spanking new, better than ever, restaurant based on hearsay and rumor..."

                      2. re: porker

                        @ porker: mmmm (the photo) Wherezat?

                        1. re: Shattered

                          had to pick up some stuff at electronics place around corner yesterday. SMP closed but not torn down.

                          1. re: Shattered

                            Porker's photo is unfortunately from a place far far away, southern US, can't remember what state but I recognize the dude from cooking/travel shows. i.e No Reservations amongst others, probably DDD too.

                            1. re: JerkPork

                              The guy is Ed Mitchel, a pitmaster from North Carolina. I assume the pict (I grabbed it off the web) is from his old restaraunt The Pit in Raleigh, North Carolina.
                              He's a kind of mentor of mine and I met him a coupla times in New York.
                              He was featured in an episode of Man vs. Food as seen here
                              and was on a Bobbly Flay Throwdown episode.

                              Unless you mean the other picture - thats Smoked Meat Pete's place in Île Perot {;-/)

                                1. re: porker

                                  If you want some good quality time with the internet start checking out


                                  I can't get enough of that guy's reviews.

                    3. My Dad and my brother love the smoked meat there. I do not find any charm in the decor, I hope they shine it up.

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                      1. re: Ruthie789

                        As long as the food is good don't really care about the decor

                        1. re: maj54us

                          I felt I should have a sanitizer on hand when I last ate there. It needed a shine. The tables were sticky but I am Miss Finicky.

                          1. re: Ruthie789

                            You'd hate Schwartz. If you could even stomach St-Laurent.

                            1. re: Shattered

                              You are probably right but I do love smoked meat.

                      2. Heads up everyone. The renovations are done. Pete's shuts down for vacation feb 2-the grand reopening for Pete's birthday march 8 th. Hope you all can make it.