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Feb 12, 2013 06:59 AM

Bensonhurst's Chinese food scene...recommendations?

I live off of 18th ave in Bensonhurst. As many know, lots of Chinese places have opened up as the neighborhood has changed. I really don't know a whole lot about authentic Chinese food in terms of regional specialties, etc, but I do know that I've liked what I've tried! I've been to the Handpulled noodle place on 18th around 74th street and enjoyed it, as well as Spicy Bampa/Bamboo Pavillion (which is right by my apartment) for their Geleshan chicken and dan dan noodles and we loved it.

For those who know the area, what else is there that I must try? How is that bakery/snack bar on 18th and 69th, right next to the fish market/produce market? The little old Italian ladies on my street love the coffee there, surprisingly enough, but is there anything more adventurous worth trying?

Any other recommendations in my 'hood? I walk down 18th ave every day and lots of things look tempting, but it is a bit intimidating due to lack of familiarity/lack of english menus, etc.

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  1. You have to just take chances and put yourself out there. It's only like $5, and you might discover something great

    1. l live around the block, on 17th Av. The former World Tong, now called Happy Day, has good dim sum daily and on weekends. My favorite bakery is Hong Bao, across the street from the 18th Av. N station. l think the coffee there is terrific.

      There's a new bakery/resto across the street from Happy Day which l tried last week, that has a lot of beef tongue dishes on the menu. My son ordered beef tongue lo mein, l had a crispy salt-and-pepper fried pork. Both were serviceable. l'm going to explore the menu there some more; the breakfast specials look especially interesting. Everything is super-cheap, too.

      1. In spite of the multitudes of Chinese folks in Bensonhurst, I have found all the Chinese food I have tried to be disappointing with the exception of Ruan's on 86th Street near 19th Avenue. I can make better meals myself from shopping at the Chinese Markets on Bay Parkway (and I don't even know how to cook Chinese). I hope this discussion will enlighten me to some better places as I really enjoy good Chinese food. The only great place I have found is Wu Liang Ye on West 48th Street in Manhattan. That's a special trip for me (about 45 minutes each way). So, please keep the recommendations coming. Thanks.

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          Thanks for the Ruan's tip; l rarely venture that far.

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            They will deliver to you, but it's nice to eat there. Very polite service with professional waiters and a full bar.