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Feb 12, 2013 06:36 AM

Any "wow" lunch/snack place in Napa Valley? Looking more for ambiance


We are driving in from Carmel that morning and wanted to find a relaxing place for lunch with a nice view. So far I have come up with Auberge Du Soleil. Are there any other contenders? We are staying at Bardessono in Yountsville - but we dont have any where to be that day so it can be anywhere in the vicinity. Just wanted a light lunch or even some appetizers - so food doesnt have to be outstanding, just good.

Was going to try and do PRESS for dinner. Now if I can score FL reservations I will ditch all these plans :)

  1. Love Redd..
    Gott's Roadside for their Ahi sandwich is excellent..score a patio bench and dine outside..casual ambiance.

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