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Vegan gift chocolates?

I would like to send a gift from a reputable online vendor of high quality chocolates (or some other confection) to someone who is Vegan.



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  1. I'd try Dagoba or Endangered Species Chocolates.....

      1. re: Peaches to Poutine

        Jes, Peaches, have you tried these companies? What did you think of the taste/quality?

        I am familiar with Endangered Species as their chocolate bars are sold at my local grocery store.

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          I like Allison's the best. I occasionally get them shipped to my US mail drop b/c they don't ship to Canada. But that's my personal rec!

      2. This is a really cute boutique in Seattle that specializes in vegan chocolates (and shoes...I don't really get the connection but whatever) and sells online:


        1. This is a great small artisan in Boston area......they are amazing! Many of theirs are vegan, and they will assemble a vegan box for you:

          1. I love Kakawa in Santa Fe. Because the owner believes that milk products sully the flavor of the cocoa beans he brings back by hand from South America, many of their chocolates are vegan. My favorite is their regular 70% chocolate with nibs, but they do all kinds of truffles and other specialty chocolates. http://www.kakawachocolates.com/ Another great resource for all things chocolate is Cacao in Portland, OR. They source fine chocolate from all over the world and have a decent collection of vegan chocolates. The staff is very knowledgeable and helpful: http://cacaodrinkchocolate.com/ - 503-241-0656 . I've mail ordered from both of these places with no problems whatsoever.

            PS: If you call Kakawa, try to speak to the owner personally, as he'll know the exact content of each kind of chocolate. The staff can be a bit flakey.

            1. http://www.lagustasluscious.com/shop/
              Lagusta's is some of my favorite chocolate ever.

              I almost ate a box of her anatomical chocolate hearts by myself last night.

              1. Thank you so much everyone! Outstanding recommendations. As a side note, I am sending these to someone who is terminally ill... so maybe the anatomical hearts, as interesting as they are... are out for this go round.

                1. I'm late to reply, but for the record, I absolutely love UliMana. They make raw, vegan truffles that are decadent and so delicious. I've had the spicy Mayan ones, the cacao nib ones, but actually my favorite were the goji cherry - normally I don't like to mix fruit with chocolate, but there is something so delicious about these.


                  1. Thank you everyone for all your thoughtful responses. The friend I was buying the chocolates for is now no longer to take food by mouth. Really sad.

                    I appreciate everyone's suggestions and like the idea of vegan chocolates.

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                      Very sorry to hear about that. You are kind.