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Feb 12, 2013 06:18 AM

Vegan Wedding Cakes?

Hi all,
I'm currently an avid baker and cake decorator, however I've been noticing an increase in requests for dairy-free & egg-free cakes. Does anyone have any good resources (books or websites) for really delicious vegan wedding cakes that are still sturdy enough to have a filling and be tiered?

Im thinking for this type of cake, a fruit filling is best. Or I can try my hand at a non-dairy ganache. Has anyone had success making ganache with a non-dairy milk? like almond milk for example?

Also, are there any ways to make really rich and delicious vegan "buttercream"? I usually make a Swiss Meringue Buttercream. Is there any vegan frosting that would be light and rich like a meringue buttercream, but not too sweet? I'd really appreciate any input! Thanks!

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  1. Okay, where to start (mostly b/c I'm a vegan baker and I do this stuff)....

    Hannah Kaminsky's dessert cookbooks are a must because that girl is a pro and her desserts are amazing looking. More info at her blog:

    Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World, The Joy of Vegan Baking, Babycakes, Chloe Coscarelli's newest dessert book that should be out next week...any of these will give you the basics for cake bases and icing. After that, you just tinker until you get what you're looking for. Vegan cake is just as sturdy as regular cake; I also think the crumb is nicer and the flavor richer. And a basic vegan buttercream is just as delicious as regular buttercream.

    Here's a basic recipe for you to fool around with:

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      Thanks so much! I thought without eggs, the cake might not be as sturdy, so that's good to know. Since you are a vegan baker, do you have any particular product recommendations? For example, are there better brands for vegan margarine or are there times when it's better to use almond milk vs soy milk or coconut milk?

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        Earth Balance for butter sub. Combo of EB and EB's shortening for icing. I hardly ever use egg replacer, preferring instead to use apple cider vinegar (alongside baking soda already mandated by recipe). I usually use unsweetened soy milk. I tend to avoid nut milks because sometimes customers have allergies and soy seems to be the least problematic.

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          Peaches to Poutine, What helpful posts. Can you tell me, does rice milk work as well as soy milk? Thanks.

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            Rice milk is great for g/f clients. I don't use it in non-g/f baked goods mostly it's a bit too thin for my tastes.

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            So I went to the library to get some of the books you suggested! I'm glad they had some of them. I'm curious though, is there any way to make a buttercream similar to an Italian or Swiss meringue buttercream? Many of the recipes have some form of shortening + EB + confectioner's sugar + non-dairy milk. I have tried that before and find it so sweet and gritty, which is why I'm trying to make the meringue style. Would a powdered egg replacer work to make a meringue? Thanks again, Peaches to Poutine!

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              Y'know, I've never used egg replacer to try and make a meringue! But if you give it a go, let me know how it went! :)

              1. re: savoriesnsweets

                a powdered egg replacer won't work to make a meringue. Some things are just not replicable when you are doing vegan baking. Ganache works great with soy milk or coconut milk. Post punk kitchen has some great recipes too for baking.

                If your customers are not allergic, marzipan is great for vegan decorating. Just use the organic one!

        2. Also don't forget some vegans are very concerned about where their sugar is sourced from. Some white sugars are refined over animal bones. Organic evaporated cane juice is usually what people like to know folks are using when they are baking for them.

          I've also pulverised powdered sugar to take care of the "gritty"

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              1. I have had great success making non-dairy whipped ganache, but from what I can tell, posting recipes isn't allowed here. I wish I could tell you more!

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                  Sorry for any confusion… as you'll see from looking at other threads here, we definitely encourage posters to share their recipes here on Chowhound. We have no character limit, so your post can be as long as it needs to be. We hope you'll feel free to share your information here!