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Feb 12, 2013 06:03 AM

Pancake Tuesday

Thats for dinner tonight, how about you?

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  1. I am giving my kitchen over to a friend to host pancake night tonight - so we shall see what fillings there will be.

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    1. re: cresyd

      how fun. How does one have a pancake night? how many people?

      1. re: mhulgrave

        To best of my understanding (as a non-Catholic) - this is an English Catholic tradition related to Mardis Gras/Shrove Tuesday.

        My friend however, doesn't have a very big kitchen - so I will be happily surprised by what shakes out.

    2. Maybe those little "Silver Dollar" Pancakes tonight for mine...

      1. Already made an oversized apple cinnamon pancake for breakfast, probably going to skip pancakes for lunch, and thinking about banana pancakes for dinner.

        1. Pancake Day always means pancakes. Served traditionally just with sugar and lemon juice.

          1. I am abstaining this year, but typically that would be my dinner tonight. The English tradition would be for thin pancakes akin to crepes, however I have always gotten a kick out of the excess of pancakes when one makes a meal of Chinese takeaway scallion pancakes, spring rolls and moo shu pork while I might prepare pork and kimchi pancakes and traditional buttermilk silver dollars to round out the meal. In years past we've done dosas, utthapam, blintzes, but we almost always come back to the East Asian dinners.