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Feb 12, 2013 06:00 AM

Mississauga Restaurant

Looking for a restaurant around the Hurontario/403 area (or a 15 minute or so drive from there) for Valentine's dinner. Price range around the $20 or so per entree. Preferably not Asian, but if there is a REALLY good one would consider it. Was thinking Alioli on Burnhamthorpe ... any good suggestions? Open to anything - hubby loves steak ... Help please!

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  1. It's a little late as Valentine's Day is an overbooked day in most of the better Mississauga restaurants. Good luck. Many also take advantage of the high demand with expensive set menus.

    I've never understood the popularity of Alioli, maybe just my bad luck. I've found it noisy with tables too close, unremarkable food and pushy up-selling.

    I'd try little Grano on Enfield Place. Also, Piatto on Dundas West is very good and the main dining room has the best romance possibilities in the area with its quiet atmosphere and well-spaced tables. Mondello in Streetsville is also judged well above average and is just within your 15-minute driving range.

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      I second the sentiment about Aioli. I always felt I paid too much when I went there. There's nothing wrong with the food but there's nothing great about it either. The service is indifferent and at times lazy. For the price, it feels too high even for the suburbs 'high end'.

      Mondello in Streetsville is fairly good (I've been there for lunch only) and service was warm and quick. Food was above average for Italian restaurant in the suburbs. If you're willing to venture our further from Square One, I would recommend Bistro Narra. It's not a large restaurant but it has great food. Service is warm and quick... plus they have great desserts (they're the same owner as Apricot Tree with their great desserts).

    2. Rogues! (if you can still get a table)