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Feb 12, 2013 05:35 AM

Homemade almond butter -- to roast or not to roast?

About to make some almond butter for the first time. Curious whether most of you would choose to roast the nuts first or not?

I'm using it in this blondies recipe:

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  1. The best almond butter I've had is the "scoop" in-house made (I assume) almond butter at Whole Foods. The two ingredients listed are "almonds and almond oil," but I could swear the almond bits taste roasted. I'd go for roasted, myself---it will be more flavorful.

      1. re: mhulgrave

        From a health factor, raw would be better for you. I think roasted tastes better though.

      2. i prefer the milder flavor of unroasted.

        also, am lazy so wouldn't bother with roasting them.

        1. Thanks, guys! Not too worried about the health angle, since it's going into a recipe with butter and chocolate chips. I went with a light roasting. I'll see how it turns out.

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            I encouraged my parents to try almond butter, because my mom needs more calcium in her diet. They bought a roasted crunchy version and complained to me that it was bitter and cement-like. I soaked some raw almonds and made nut butter out of them. My Vitamix fought me until I added quite a bit of water and neutral oil. The resulting texture was fluffier and easier to spread. The flavour, however, was quite bland. I added a bit of roasted sesame oil, Kosher salt and agave, to give it some oomph. It turned out very mild. In the end, I took the roasted almond butter with the cement-like texture and mixed it with my homemade raw butter and it's nearly perfect (I'd use less salt and agave next time). Thus, my advice is to try a mix of roasted and raw, soaked almonds. Lightly roasting might be a good solution too. The commercial brand my parents bought was quite dark, and admittedly, kind of bitter.

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              instead of water and/or seed oil you can use coconut oil as a mixer in there.

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                Next time I would forgo the water and, as hotoynoodle suggests, add some coconut oil. I will even use the roasted, cocoa-dusted almonds you can find at the grocery store. Those combined with the coconut oil are like an almond joy spread. Yum.

                If you just want a rich, almond flavor add some neutral oil and a little kosher salt to your almonds.

                1. re: 1sweetpea

                  If/when they buy almond butter again MaraNatha is easy to spread and my favorite (i've tried a bunch in the last few years!)
                  I found it at costco for a great price, has to be the kind with some salt tho. The no salt = no flavor

              2. The roasted nuts are actually easier to blend into a nut butter somehow. I leave the skins on because i can't be bothered. I also prefer the flavor roasted has much more depth.