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Feb 12, 2013 05:21 AM

Bobby Flay Steak: Are his steaks prime? aged? etc. some help please

I love Bobby Flays restaurants, I've been to both Bar Americains, Mesa Grill in the city, Burger palace but haven't tried the steakhouse yet. I'm curious to know what grade(prime, choice, etc.) his steaks are & whether they are dry aged, wet aged, etc. The website doesn't specify which I find odd since he is charging prime dry aged steakhouse prices. I have tasted his steaks before in the other restaurants & like much of his food, it is perfectly seasoned & the sauces are incredible...I just wanna know about the beef.

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    1. I suspect if he's not advertising either Prime nor dry/wet aged on the menu there is a reason! Just my assumption though I don't know for sure.

      1. I like Bobby Flay... regardless of the steak grade, if you are going to the Borgata, do yourself a favor and skip BF and go to the Old Homestead,

        If I recall correctly, it is Prime.