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Feb 12, 2013 12:58 AM

Dinner for 12

We are a group of 12 going to Rome in May for a meeting. Apart from the conference dinner we will be having two dinners on our own. I know it may not be a good size for good food but would appreciate some advice on the restaurants in Rome. Our budget is flexible.

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  1. Sorry for the typing error. Should be dinner for 12

    1. For a very nice mostly fish dinner I'd recommend Il Localino da Claudio, on Via Sardegna. This was opened by the owners of the more cramped La Gensola, and this new place has the same great food, but in a more comfortable setting (and good for groups)

      If you'd like to be outside, then Pierluigi is a good choice. At the fancy end of things (and so not cheap) but the setting in a pedestrian piazza in the center of Rome, is magical.

      Another place I love for bigger groups is Vino e Camino. Less exp than the other two, very cozy and comfortable. Great food, including many dishes made in their wood burning oven.

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        Minchilli, thank you so much for your information .

      2. That is not such a difficult number to handle. You would just need to reserve well in advance. To get started you should read the many posts here on Rome restaurants. Then come back with specific questions or a shortlist.

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          Thanks for the advice. I have read the related posts on Rome repeatedly and will draft a short list soon. But from one of the threads they said it may not be easy for a big group to find something nice. Of course they are talking about a group bigger than mine. That is why I raise the question before I draft my list. But since it seems that 12 is not a problem I could continue with my homework.