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Feb 11, 2013 11:57 PM

In search of the ultimate Rib-eye: Bone-in or dry aged?

I'm looking for the ultimate Ribeye experience. I've had some fantastic results in the past grilling them at home and want to take it up a notch. I was thinking of getting a bone-in but would also like to try a dry aged.. which option would you go for and why?

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  1. Why not both? Prime, dry-aged, bone-in ribeye cannot be beat. It also is tough to find in stores.

    I'd argue that your ribeye experience will be most enhanced by ensuring you have a cut of prime beef. Both bone-in and dry-aged will increase taste over the comparable boneless and non-aged counterparts. However, I think a bone-in steak imparts a little more flavor than an aged steak. Also, steak can be either wet-aged or dry-aged to achieve similar results; most people, myself included, prefer dry aging, but any type of aging will concentrate the flavor of the steak.

    When I am dining out and the option is available, I will always order the prime, bone-in, dry-aged ribeye, rare. It is perhaps my favorite meal.

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      I know I'm in the minority here but, for some reason, I prefer a boneless ribeye. I find them to be more flavorful and almost as tender as a filet.

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        I was under the impression that you couldn't get an aged bone-in ribeye because the bones spoil. I guess I got bad info there. And to clarify for jrvedivice I intend to grill the steak at home. Thanks for your info so far good people.

      2. I'm a little confused by your post.....are you looking for the ultimate dining experience or to cook at home?

        If it's for home cooking at MonMauler already pointed out get a dry aged on the bone, it is literally the best of both worlds. Season with simple sea salt and pepper and grill at as high of a temp as you can and cook to desired temp then enjoy!!