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Feb 11, 2013 10:46 PM

West Coast Eats, Tofino and Uclulet?

We will be on the West Coast for a few days in March. Looking for some suggestions on where to eat, or where to get great local food/seafood to cook.

Saw last summer that the dining room at the interpretive centre had closed.

Does not have to be fine dining, just good food. We will eat just about everything, although the kids (teens) love a great milk shake, burger and fries.

If there is a place in Port Alberni we should stop at one our way let me know.

DH loves great bread, we are planning on cheese fondue one night and will need a great loaf of bread to go with it.

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  1. Just got back from a couple of days there. Had a very nice eggs and sausage brunch at Black Rock's Fetch restaurant. My husband had seafood chowder and said it was excellent. Great water views. We were in the bar the night before and the burgers looked really good.
    Shelter in Tofino is another lunch/dinner possibility with a decent sandwich and burger menu and surfing videos that teens would probably like.
    For higher end dining you could try Norwoods in Uke, or Spotted Bear in Tofino.
    I cannot recommend the Pizza Factory in Uke, although our hotel recommended it to us, unfortunately.

    1. The restaurant at the Long Beach Lodge Resort is wonderful. We had 3 dinners there in January and each item we tried was excellent (especially the lamb chops). Worth ordering the fish and chips if only to try the fantastic deep-fried pickle that accompanied it!

      Try the Common Loaf bakery in Tofino for your fondue.

      I haven't been in years but we always used to stop at the J&L Drive-In on our way through Port Alberni when I was a kid. On-line reviews are still good so you might want to check it out for a burger and shake fix.

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        My husband and I got engaged in The Great Room at the Long Beach Lodge so it holds a special memory for me. HOWEVER, even without that it's just amazing. We've been back to Tofino once and it was just as good. If you stay at the hotel you get this amazing breakfast with homemade granola, etc. Soooo good! I highly recommend it to anyone.

      2. Tofino:

        For some awesome burger and fries or fish and chips, check out Wildside Grill (located in the Live to Surf complex). They have a phenomenal seafood menu as well!

        Schooner restaurant in Tofino has an extensive seafood menu.

        Sobo always impresses with fresh and local food.

        For bread, Common Loaf has an excellent array of breads baked daily.


        Jigger's is a truck that serves great burger and fries and is located on your right as you enter town.

        The Fetch at Blackrock has an amazing view of the ocean and their lunch menu is quite affordable (entree is usually a maximum of 15$).